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CD Review: Walking with Giants “One By One”

Baltimore, Maryland band Walking With Giants is a project of multi-instrumentalist Gary Noon. Together with guitarist Clint Lowery (from Sevendust), bassist Scott “Flip” Phillips (from Creed, AlterBridge) and drummer Brian Marshall, Noon creates a sound that combines modern-day Rock and Roll with an Alternative Rock influence. Having already released several other EPs of music, Gary Noon is currently touring under the moniker of Walking with Giants and is promoting the latest release from the band called One By One.

One By One from Walking With Giants begins with the track “Find Your Way Back”. The track features a sound that borrows a lot of influence from bands like Sevendust. And although the song does feature a lot of Sevendust’s style, the band mixes it with plenty of straight-out Rock and Roll to create a song that contains plenty of strength and power while still ending up with plenty of commercial potential. “Find Your Way Back” contains plenty of different rock and roll elements that will give rock and roll enthusiasts plenty to enjoy.

The release continues with the track “Chasing Light”. The track seems to pick up where “Find Your Way Back” left off but with a slightly different feel to the music. The track features just a little keyboard sound from Kurt Wubbenhorst. The sound of Wubbenhorst’s keyboards is a subtle addition to the track and they do not overwhelm the track as they give the track a little more substance. The resulting track with the strong guitars and the addition of the keyboard feels a little more commercial than the first track but still keeps the energy level up.

After the slightly different direction on “Chasing Light,” Walking with Giants returns to a harder sound. With the track “Free My Mind,” Gary Noon and the rest of the band takes the music of the group in a much deeper Alternative Rock direction. The track features a very hard guitar part and a driving feel to the drums in the song. And while the electric guitar is the main focus in the music, the acoustic guitar in the track adds a lot of texture to the song. The song alternates between the driving feel that makes up the majority of the track and sections that lighten the feel of the song up. Just like “Find Your Way Back” before it, “Free My Mind” has a style that could become very commercial if give the chance.

On the track “Anything,” the band takes their sound and adds some different elements to it. The addition of some electronic feel to the music makes the track of “Anything” feel different than the tracks that came before it on the release. The track also features some keyboards from Kurt Wubbenhorst and like the earlier track of “Find Your Way Back,” Wubbenhorst’s keyboards add to the depth of the song’s music but do not overwhelm the track.

The song “Another Chance” is probably the most different of the tracks on One By One from Walking with Giants. The song finds the band creating a song that feels very much like a rock ballad, although the song doesn’t really have lyrics of the romantic type. And while there are lyrics like “Am I meant to walk this path alone,” the track’s gentler musical approach just seems like the band wanted to create a slower song to add a little balance to the harder songs on the 2014 release.

The title track brings a little of the energy back to the release. The track of “One By One” showcases the band as a whole as it finds the group creating music that features a lot of melody as well as a lot of energy even though the track has an easy feel to its pace. “One By One” is one of the most commercially-friendly tracks on the release.

With each of the tracks on One By One, Walking with Giants proves that they can continually shape their music as they go. From one track to the next, the newest release from Walking with Giants proves that there are very good bands out there that are as good as or better than those on major record labels. And since both Clint Lowery and Scott “Flip” Phillips have both been signed to the majors at one time, that make sense.

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