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CD Review: Wells the Traveler “One for the Dreamers”

Multi-talented musician Danny McGaw came to the United States after being raised in Manchester, England. When he came to the United States, he brought with him a love for the Northern England form of Rock and Roll. It is that style of Rock and Roll that he combined with the American Folk music. With that musical combination, McGaw started creating music with the band Wells the Traveler. The rest of the band consists of guitarist/singer Chad Brothers, percussionist Jason Jones, bassist Dan Hines, and producer Mike West who helps complete the band’s sound. Together, the members of Wells the Traveler are currently promoting their new debut release entitled One for the Dreamers.

The new album from Wells the Traveler is a very strong Rock release. One thing that separates this album from many of the albums that are released each year is that Wells the Traveler created the album live in the studio. On this album, the band brings a bit of closeness to their music as the listener gets to experience what the band would most likely sound like live. It is that feel that makes the album that much more special.

One for the Dreamers by Wells the Traveler begins with the track “Can You Feel the Rain”. With a sound that brings to mind something from either U2 or the Welsh band The Alarm, the song “Can You Feel the Rain” contains a certain amount of beauty in the rock music that makes up the track. The track features simplistic lyrics that can easily grab the listener and have them singing along with the track before the first verse is over.

As a way of adding a bit of separation between the first track and the rest of the release, the track “Turkish Café” is a percussion-only track. The danceable groove created by the drums on this track is another instance where the band all but invites the listener to get up and dance.

With the track “Manchester,” the lyrics of the song create a more personal connection than the remainder of the album. On this track, Wells the Traveler creates a song that seems to find Danny McGaw reflecting on his homeland. The folk-rock feel of the track brings to mind American bands from the 1960’s like The Lovin’ Spoonful and the folk feel to the music gives the song a beauty that the listener will enjoy.

The fourth track on One for the Dreamers by Wells the Traveler is the title track of the album. With the makeup of the band, “One for the Dreamers” is one track that truly contains both the English influence from Danny McGaw and the American influence from the rest of the band. The song features a Beatles-era British Invasion Rock feel and also contains a generous amount of American folk feel with just enough twang to it to classify the track as Alt-Country. That combination creates one of the most interesting and strongest tracks on the album.

The track “Late Shift” continues that Alt-Country feeling on the album. One of the main reasons for that Alt-Country feeling is the fact that the track contains Hillbilly band Truckstop Honeymoon as part of the makeup of the group. Truckstop Honeymoon is One for the Dreamers producer Mike West and his wife Katie West. The combination of the sound of Wells the Traveler and the musical influence from Truckstop Honeymoon creates a track that feels like something that might have been created by Country artists back in the 1980’s.

One of the strongest tracks on the One for the Dreamers album from Wells the Traveler, as far as commercial value is concerned, is the song “Stand up Straight”. The track has a timeless rock feel to it and just like “Can You Feel the Rain” before it, “Stand up Straight” will grab the listener’s attention and not let go.  The track features lyrics about learning to move on. “Stand up Straight” contains enough familiarity to it that listeners will gravitate to the track.

While most of the One for the Dreamers album from Wells the Traveler features a lot of Rock feeling to go along with the Folk feeling that accompanies it, the track “Simply to Talk to You” finds the band taking their folk influence and bringing it to the forefront of the music. The band creates one of the most emotional tracks on the album with this song. The mandolin from producer Mike West helps to truly bring out the Folk feeling on the song.

The One for the Dreamers album from Wells the Traveler is a very strong album with many different facets to it that help give the release a lot of  variety to it. The release seems to have something for everyone in the 14 tracks contained within it. If you are looking for an album that features a lot of variety within its tracks, One for the Dreamers album from Wells the Traveler is a great place to look.

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