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CD Review: The Whiskey Hollow “Greenhouse”

Back in 2016, singer-songwriter Madeline Finn took songs she had been writing, and after putting together a band, started performing under the moniker of The Whiskey Hollow. With that loosely-bound group of musicians, she took seven of her songs and created a very strong debut release under The Whiskey Hollow moniker. That release was called X Waters. X Waters was a very solid release that found the group blending together a few different genres of music to create a unique sound that put Finn and her band far apart from the rest of the Cleveland, Ohio music scene.

Two years later, Madeline Finn and her band of The Whiskey Hollow are back. This time, however, the band performing behind her has changed. And while still performing under the Whiskey Hollow moniker, the band features a very different line-up, different feel to the music and with that feel, a different sound. This time, The Whiskey Hollow consists of Madeline Finn, Liz Bullock, Griffin Pereksta and Tom Stankiewicz. Together, this lineup features a stronger, more solidified sound that contains a much harder edge to its music. The one thing that hasn’t changed as far as the band’s music is concerned is the talent that had been present in the previous version of the band.

Today’s version of The Whiskey Hollow has recently put out a new EP of material. While the previous release contained a total of seven tracks, this new EP is a six-track EP. The new EP from Cleveland’s band The Whiskey Hollow is entitled Greenhouse.

Greenhouse from The Whiskey Hollow begins with the track “Demon”. The track begins with the sound of a get-together. The party atmosphere at the beginning of the track soon disappears and the track officially begins with Finn and Liz Bullock creating a harmonic vocal approach to the lyrics before the band joins in. A harder version of the band’s old sound helps to launch the EP into motion. Soon enough, however, the band launches into a Hard Rock approach on the music and that Hard Rock approach is what the band uses to take the song to its finale. “Demon” from The Whiskey Hollow is a great track to introduce fans, new and old alike, to the newer sound that now makes up the band’s music. 

Madeline Finn and The Whiskey Hollow continue their new Greenhouse EP with the track “Wristwatch Wishes”. The music of the track finds Finn and the band combining elements of both Alternative Rock and Jazz to create a track with a lighter approach to the energy level of the song while still containing a Modern Rock feel. The easier feel of the music eventually leads to a much harder sound halfway through the track. Together, the track comes together to form a track that ultimately has a rather commercial approach.

While most of the songs from The Whiskey Hollow come from Madeline Finn, this new release features one song that comes from background singer Liz Bullock. That track is entitled “Muddy Water”.

“Muddy Water” takes the music from The Whiskey Hollow and kicks the energy level up a notch or two. The track contains much more of a Blues feel to the music than any other recorded track from the band. And the track also seems to contain a little bit of attitude you might find in today’s Country music from the artists like Martina McBride and Reba McEntire who sing about empowerment. While this is not a Country song, there are definite sentiments of empowerment within the lyrics to “Muddy Water”.

The new Greenhouse EP from The Whiskey Hollow continues with the track “Slowmotion”. The track combines a little Ska flavor with an otherwise straight-out Rock and Roll approach. That combination creates a track that would easily fit onto Top 40 radio formats. The rather commercial flavor to the track makes “Slowmotion” one of the most listener-friendly tracks on the six-song EP.

On the next track, The Whiskey Hollow slows things down with the track “In the Wings”. The slower pace of the music, as well as the easier feel to that music creates a more relaxed song that contains a rather gentle feel to it. That gentleness goes along well with lyrics that contain a romantic flavor to them. As the song continues, the band ups the intensity in the music but still holds onto the gentle approach on the music until the track comes to an end. “In the Wings” gives the listener just a hint at another side to the music that comes from The Whiskey Hollow.

Madeline Finn and The Whiskey Hollow bring their 2018 release of Greenhouse to a close with the track “Swampy”. This track shows off a very different side to Finn and the rest of the band as the track features more of a Southern Rock approach to the music. While the track is much different than other songs created by the band, it does show the versatility of the band members.

Greenhouse from The Whiskey Hollow is a solid release from the first track. While it does not truly feel like the band’s previous release of X Waters, the new EP from the band shows the creative process at work as Madeline Finn and the rest of the band show how they have gelled as a unit. The new sound for the band may be different than the previous direction, but the group is still solid and the Greenhouse EP proves that with the six tracks of Rock and Roll.

For a taste of the music from Madeline Finn and The Whiskey Hollow, check out the band’s track “Demon“. 

To check out the Greenhouse EP from The Whiskey Hollow, click on the album cover below: