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CD Review: White Buffalo Woman “Foolish Hearts”

White Buffalo Woman is a Rock and Roll band out of Northeast Ohio. The band creates their Rock and Roll sound by combining Soul and Blues together to create a rather timeless style. Together as a band, White Buffalo Woman has released several EPs and two albums throughout their time. The latest album from the band was released a little over a month ago. For the sake of their newest album, the band is comprised of Evan Rutledge on vocals, Adam Murphy on guitar, Devin Bezeredi on Guitar, Alex Leggett on Bass and Joe Wales on drums with help from Chris Leonardi on keys. The resulting new release from White Buffalo Woman is entitled Foolish Hearts.

The Foolish Hearts release from White Buffalo Woman begins with the track “Love Resolution”. The track’s musical blend features a Rock and Roll sound revolving around the sound of the electric guitar. The track features a strong Rock backbone but is also rather heavy on a Pop influence. The resulting sound of the track puts the band’s music somewhere in the range of the seventies with a strong retro feel that makes it seem even older than that. “Love Resolution” is a rather laidback track that allows the listener to get acquainted with the music from White Buffalo Woman before the band truly lets loose.

And speaking of letting loose, the album continues with the track “Cryin’ Shame,” a track that again features a retro feel to the music, creating a song that fits into the Classic Rock genre. Much like the song “Old Time Rock and Roll” from Bob Seger, “Cryin’ Shame” from White Buffalo Woman takes the musical feel from the first track and bumps the intensity of the music up a notch. The reason for the increase of the Classic Rock feel of the song comes from the inclusion of Chris Leonardi’s piano that helps add that Bob Seger influence to the song. The more retro feel to the music and the stronger energy of the track creates a track that would easily fit on any Classic Rock format.

As the release continues, White Buffalo Woman continues to keep the music of their new album in a Classic Rock vein. Nowhere is that more evident than on the track “Honey Love”. The music for the track feels very familiar to anyone who enjoys Classic Rock. That is because the track seems to be influenced by the likes of the Band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The guitar-driven track features a sound and style featuring a light twang that Petty’s music is famous for. “Honey Love” is strong enough and has of a fresh feel that the track could fit right in with today’s Modern Rock music while still carrying that Tom Petty influence.

Just like the previous tracks on the album, “Wasting My Time” contains a strong timeless feel to the music. But unlike the tracks that came before it, “Wasting My Time” finds the band taking the feel of the music back even further as the track contains a Rockabilly feel to the music that would fit in with early Rock and Roll from the likes of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The resulting feel of the music could easily put this track into the Americana music genre.

The track “Do You Ever Think of Me” continues the band’s obsession with Classic Rock. The strong guitars on the track as well as the organ in the background combine to create a track that contains a straight-out Rock and Roll sound with plenty of energy to the music. The resulting feel of the track would once again place the music from White Buffalo Woman into the late sixties/early seventies. “Do You Ever Think of Me” is such a timeless song that it would easily fit on Classic Rock radio formats.

If any track on the Foolish Hearts album from White Buffalo Woman falls into the “timeless” category, it would have to be “Drowning in Love”. While that song title may conjure up visions of something rather soft and ballad-like, nothing could be further from the truth with this song. The music of “Drowning in Love” contains just as much Rock and Roll influence as “Honey Love” or “Cryin’ Shame” from earlier in the album. The strong guitars and the moderate tempo on the track help give the song a Classic Rock feel that brings to mind classic Rolling Stones tracks from the band’s early days.

As you listen to the Foolish Hearts album from Canton, Ohio’s White Buffalo Woman, you can find yourself thinking back to the classic eras of Rock and Roll when some of the best music from the genre was created. If you want an album that is based more on the Classic Rock days of Rock and Roll as opposed to the more recent music found on Pop/Rock radio formats of today, this release is just what you need to help fill out your music collection. Foolish Hearts from White Buffalo Woman is a solid Rock and Roll album that contains ten tracks of great Rock and Roll.

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