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CD Review: Without Warning by Thomas Ian Nicholas

Although most people know Thomas Ian Nicholas as just an actor, there is another side to his personality. Having the spare time and needing something to fill it, Thomas picked up his mom’s guitar and started learning to play it. For the next decade or so, Thomas improved his playing ability and has started writing his own songs. During this time, he has performed as both a solo musician and as part of the T.I.N. Men, a Christian-rock group that released one CD.

But soon, he was looking for something new. After putting a decade of experience under his belt, Thomas Ian Nicholas has taken the next step in his musical career. He started writing songs that were closer to straight-out rock. And soon he went into the studio with some friends and recorded songs that would become his next album.

Shortly after the beginning of 2008, the multi-talented Nicholas released his new album entitled Without Warning. With the new release, he is looking make a name for himself in the music business to match his success in the acting business.

Without Warning, the debut solo release for Thomas Ian Nicholas, features 11 songs. A far cry from the Christian Rock songs that he was creating with T.I.N. Men, Without Warning contains songs that can be played on regular commercial rock stations. The album shows that Thomas has the talent and the drive to make it in the music industry as well as the movie industry.

While Thomas Ian Nicholas was in the studio, he had help in creating the new release. His producers, Jeremy Ruboudo and Brian Virtue, played a large part in the creation of the album as they both played keyboards on several of the album’s tracks in addition to their producer responsibilities.

Many other musicians also helped to fill out the sound on the multi-talented Nicholas’ new rock album. A string quintet was even used to shape the two ballads on the release.

The debut solo release by Thomas Ian Nicholas, Without Warning, features eleven songs. Each song on the release is strong enough to stand on its own. And even though each track of the album could be released as a single by itself, there are still those tracks that stick out from the rest of the release.

Within the eleven tracks that appear on Without Warning, the strongest tracks on the album in my opinion are: Wasting My Time, Frequency, You Don’t Know, and the title track of Without Warning. When you can list half of the songs on the album as being good enough to be singles, you can tell just how strong the album is.

If you like straight-out rock music, Without Warning from Thomas Ian Nicholas needs to be in your music collection. And if the only way you know Thomas is from the American Pie franchise, as well as from his other acting roles, this would be the perfect chance to discover the other part to this talented individual.
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