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CD Review: Xavier Toscano “Feels So Good”

Several years ago, Guadalajara native Xavier Toscano made his debut with the single “Tonight, Tonight”. With the success of that single, Toscano went about creating a full-length release. And now, Xavier Toscano is in the middle of releasing his debut album. The new album from Toscano blends together Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with other musical influences to create an album that contains a lot of energy. The new album from Xavier Toscano is entitled Feels So Good.

Even before Feels So Good from Xavier Toscano had been released and the public had been able to experience it, a few of the album’s various songs were making noise of their own. The songs “Never Wanna Leave,” “Apologies Wasted,” “The Remedy (Feel Alright)” and “Runaway” found their way onto the MTV program of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” while other tracks have been used for other programs. But now, the album as a whole is available.

Feels So Good, the new album from Xavier Toscano, begins with “Feels So Good (Intro)”. The beginning track to the release lasts not even fifty seconds as it features a strong EDM feel to the music while the lyrics featured contain only a few words about feeling good before they repeat through the length of the short track. To help bring the lyrics of the track to life, Toscano called upon the singer Raquela to provide the vocals, which she does with style. The short length to the track truly leaves the listener wanting for more. 

Xavier Toscano continues his release with the track “Never Wanna Leave”. The track finds Toscano staying in the EDM frame of mind which works perfectly coming out of the intro track of “Feels So Good”. “Never Wanna Leave” has a strong danceable quality to the music and brings to mind other EDM artists like Diplo and Paul Oakenfold. The track produced by Toscano ensures that he can absolutely hang with the aforementioned artists and others that make up the EDM genre.

Speaking of EDM, the next track of the Feels So Good release brings to mind yet another name that falls into the EDM genre. With the track “The Remedy (Feel Alright),” Xavier Toscano seems to channel the feel of the French duo known as Daft Punk as Toscano brings a deeper feel to the music. The song also features a mechanical feel to the vocals that begin the track and those mechanical vocals and the hard beat that flows through “The Remedy (Feel Alright)” brings to mind something like Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,”. The rap breakdown late in the track also shows off Toscano’s Hip Hop influence.

With the track “Runaway,” Xavier Toscano adds a little more danceable feel to the music. The keyboards in the song give the track more of a commercial feel to the music. While the track of “Never Wanna Leave” brought to mind someone like Diplo, the track of “Runaway” brings to mind the lighter, easier, more commercial feel of someone like DJ Sammy or even Robbie Rivera. In fact, the song of “Runaway” contains such a danceable and commercial feel to it that the track not only brings to mind Robbie Rivera, it would feel right at home on one of Rivera’s albums, right alongside something like Rivera’s “Float Away”.   

After several dance tracks, Xavier Toscano changes things up in a major way on the track called “Castles in the Sky”. While the previous tracks all contained the sound of the synthesizer, the sound of “Castles in the Sky” revolves around the sound of the piano. In fact, it is the piano and only the piano that makes up the music of the track. Gone away is the danceable feel of the earlier music as this track sounds more like something from Elton John than it does something from Diplo. And while the use of a solo piano sometimes brings to mind a rather romantic feel to a song, “Castles in the Sky” is simply a song with a piano as the solo instrument. The sparse instrumentation allows for the vocals to come though clearly. The easy feel of the track gives the listener a bit of a breather before the energy level rises back up.

And speaking of a stronger delivery, the next track changes the feel of the music once again. However, instead of taking the music into an EDM frame of mind, Toscano goes in a completely different direction on the very next track. In fact, with the R&B base to the music of the song entitled “Nas-T-Nize,” Toscano seems to channel Prince. And it’s not just the music that brings to mind the style of “the purple one”; the vocals on the track also suggest that it is Prince that was Toscano’s influence for the track. While it is nothing like anything that had come before on the release, “Nas-T-Nize” helps to show off the various influences that Xavier Toscano draws from. Plus, the track shows off his willingness to create something that is completely different from the rest of the release.

For the rest of his new release of Feels So Good, Xavier Toscano brings back the feel of EDM. In fact, it is that musical style that flows through the final track of the album.

For the song “Made It Look Easy,” Toscano creates the music of the song with plenty of EDM style. Plus, he adds a generous amount of Hip Hop into the music. Altogether, “Made It Look Easy” combines two different forms of dance energy into one track. The result is a track that would be welcome in any dance club.

Throughout the eleven tracks that make up the Feels So Good release, Xavier Toscano creates tracks that a guaranteed to get the listener moving their body. And while most of the album consists of strong EDM influences, it’s the tracks that don’t contain that influence which give the album variety. Feels So Good from Xavier Toscano is one album that today’s music lovers will enjoy; especially if they are looking for music that will get them out of their seats.

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