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CD Review: Young Liars “Night Window”

Young LiarsYoung Liars is a modern-day Canadian rock band that hails from Vancouver, British Colombia. Currently made up of Jordan Raine on Vocals, Guitar; Wesley Nickel on Keyboards; Ty Badali drums and bassist Andrew Beck, the quartet has been in existence since 2008. The band creates a sound that focuses on the keys from Wesley Nickel and that gives the band a very obvious “pop” sound that will appeal to fans of “pop” music as much as those who prefer a stronger rock sound.

In the time that they’ve been together, Young Liars have only produced two EPs- 2012’s Homesick Future and their latest EP, 2014’s Night Window. The band’s newest EP of Night Window is a simple 4-song release that features two original tracks of “Night Window” and “Young Again” and includes remixes of both of those tracks to bring the total tracks to four.

The Night Window release begins with the title track. “Night Window” from Young Liars begins with a quiet keyboard that quickly builds to become a track that has a very infectious musical hook. The “pop” song brings to mind both influences from today’s best pop-rock bands and from those artists who helped shaped the music from the New Wave period in the 1980s. The combination of the two styles gave the song a fascinating feel.

For the “Night Window (Great Good Fine Ok Remix),” the pace of the song slows down. The slower tempo of the music actually helps to add a lot of character to the track. While the original track has a very strong “pop” feel, the “Great Good Fine Ok Remix” ends up giving the track a slightly Alternative feel to it that could easily fit in with the synth-pop music that was created by the likes of OMD and Depeche Mode back in the early 1980’s to late 1990’s. The Remix’s simplified lyrics also seem to make the track more listener-friendly.

“Young Again” is the second of the two original tracks that make up the newest release from Young Liars. The song seems to take a while to begin as it slowly until it becomes a pop-influenced track that, once again, brings to mind artists from the 1980’s; but unlike “Night Window” that feels like something from the New Wave scene, “Young Again” feels like something from the more commercially-accessible bands that were featured on Top 40 radio.

The Night Window release comes to a close with “Young Again (Boxed in Remix)”. One of the most interesting tracks on the EP, this remix is just as fascinating in its makeup as the “Night Window (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)” is. Like the “Great Good Fine Ok Remix,” this remix takes only so much of the original composition and then builds on it. With loops and a stronger synth sound, the resulting track sounds almost nothing like the original but has a feel all its own. The remix features a strong dance groove that would easily belong in any modern-day discotheque.

For the Night Window EP from Young Liars, the band presents the listener with two fine songs and two remixes that end up being just as strong as the original tracks. This is one release where the listener gets to decide which way they like the tracks of “Night Window” and “Young Again”. And whether you end up deciding on the originals or the remixes, you are assured of a very pleasant listening experience during the playlist that barely reaches the 15-minute mark.

While the new release from Young Liars is a quick four-track release with only two original songs, the two original songs give the listener a nice preview of what is to come from this talented Canadian rock outfit. If you like the music of this group, stay tuned as they have announced that an album is in the works. The band’s album Tidal Wave is due to be released on June 24th. But until they do put out that album release, check out both 2014’s Night Window and the band’s previous release,  2012’s Homesick Future.

To check out the Night Window release from Young Liars, check out the release on the Soundcloud profile for Nettwerk Music Group.