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CD Review: Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes “Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes”

Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes are rocking in your face right from the get go. Humor is what sets this L.A. band apart from the rest of this genre. We all know what a one eyed snake means. A sense of humor is one of the keys of a great band. Zak Daniels, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Jim (Kat) Katsikides, lead guitar, vocals; Doug Lavery, drums, vocals; and Orion Lindeman on bass and vocals, make up this classic-rock- sounding band. This is the rock sound I remember from my youth. It is the way it should and always be. Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snake has been noted by L.A. DJ’s to be the next great rock band.

Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes tell how they came up with their name. Living from gig to gig, Zak and the One Eyed Snake were approached by a movie producer after a gig one night. This funny haired man asked the band if they wanted to “score and play on the soundtrack” for his movie. But, little did they know it was for XXX porn flick. And Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes was born.. This rock band has an army of faithful fans from L.A. to New York who are ready to rock.

Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes’ self-titled debut album is a 15 track masterpiece in my opinion. Classic rock is brought back to life. “ Fourteen Dollars & 57 Cents” is my personal favorite on this album I listen to the words of the song, usually. This time I was having to much fun with the beat. The way Orion Lindeman on bass and Jim Katsikides on lead guitar play together hits the spot just right–most classic rock bands can’t.

“Cartoon Savior” is another new classic that touches the fun rocker within me. What is a Cartoon Savior? I haven’t the faintest idea. Nor do I care. I just want to have fun. If I were a wrestler in WWE, this would be my entrance music. Like all the other songs on this CD, Zak Daniels sings the hell out of this.

“Timeless Travelers” is one of those songs one listens on a long road trip across the country. The song brings to mind the adventures and mischief one gets into on the road. I have been on many road trips in my day and have gotten into lots of trouble in. But I digress.

If you are tired of your woman, but don’t have the guts to tell her the relationship is over, play the to track “Tired of Your Love”. Yes, she will definitely get the message. This breakup song starts off with an awesome rocking riff by Zak Daniels. Then goes to the next level with the simultaneous sounds of Doug Lavey’s drums and Orion Lindeman’s bass. Jim Katsikides comes in with lead guitar, and the song takes of into the stratosphere with Zak Daniels’s singing. Yes, my friends, this song has emotion and experience behind it. If your love is on the rocks, you must take a listen to this song.

Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes have that classic rock feel that has been missing lately. It is about time it was brought back to life by a true hard rock band. Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and well and it lives in L.A.. Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes will be rocking well into their old age. Their Rock ‘n’ Roll fire will never burn out.