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Charlie is my Darling and Boogie with Stu

Two interesting Stones items for you today. Andrew Loog Oldham will be presenting the legendary film Charlie is my Darling ,a concert film of the Stones tour of Belfast and Dublin in 1965 at the Triptych Festival in Scotland and the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast. Charlie is My Darling is one of a long line of unreleased Stones films that traces the band’s 3-day Irish tour at the height of Stones mania. I would love to see this in a more general release.
In addition, unreleased photographs from “sixth Stone” Ian Stewart are to be released in a “lavish” new book called Stu according to Rolling Stone. With a limited edition of just 950 leatherbound copies it will be out of most Stones fanatics budgets but these photos by a true insider should be amazing. More information can be found at publisher Out-Take Limited.