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Cool Keith Richards Quote

I saw this Keith Richards quote posted to the Bomp List Refugees Group on Yahoo and thought that it was pretty cool:

Maybe listeners knew a year or 6 months later that the beat turned around (in Bitch), but at the moment I wasn’t conscious of that. It comes so naturally, as it’s always happened, and it’s always given that extra kick when the right moment comes back down again. That’s what rock and roll records are all about. I
mean, nowadays it’s rock music. But rock and roll records should be 2:35 minutes long, and it doesn’t matter if you ramble on longer after that. It should be, you know – wang, concise, right there. Rambling on and on, blah blah blah, repeating things for no point… I mean, rock and roll is in one way a highly structured music played in a very unstructured way, and it’s those things like turning the beat around that we’d get hung up on when we were starting out: Did you hear what we just did? We just totally turned the beat around (laughs). If it’s done in conviction, if nothing is forced, if it just flows in, then it gives quite an extra kick to it.

– Keith Richards

Thanks Keef!