Cool Site Alert: calls itself “the new music network” and it is an interesting way to discover some new independent rock and roll. offers musicians with a website what essentially amounts to a marketing service for their music. The band gets an artist page complete with bio, photos, links to their music and videos as well as all contact info. Because gets a lot of hits, there is an increased likelihood that people will see your band on before they come across your website on their own. get no commission from the sales of your music, they only charge fees for hosting your link page, although from what I can tell the first 3 months are free. If you are a music fan looking for some cool, indie rock and roll you can browse the 17 different “rock” categories for some very cool music and then take advantage of the free MP3 downloads to find something you might like. All very cool and a great idea for both bands and music fans. Certainly if you are in a band it is something you might want to consider.