Cool Site: Indie Hunt on SessionSound

Running until the end of February, the Indie Hunt on SessionSound is where fans get a chance to help discover & promote the indie music acts on the site, with the fan favourite & competition winner receiving a $1000 cash prize.

With registration on the site free, the competition is open to all indie music acts with their music profile on the site. I just discovered SessionSound and I have signed up to investigate but it seems pretty cool. I’ll let you know what I think when I have fully digested it but if you are a band they offer:

* Artist sets their own retail price, even give it away for free download
* 100% non-exclusive, your music stays your own
* DRM-free, upload & download in mp3 format then enjoy!
* Webcasts & streaming audio with Airplay Radio, create your own playlist & embed it on the web
* Artists retain 100% of their price, we just add 10% processing fee to all mp3 purchases