Cool Site: LaunchALabel.Com

launch-a-label.gifSo you think you can do better than those suits running the major labels huh? Consider yourself the arbiter of cool and all that is good in music? Well now you can put your money where your mouth is by signing up to

The idea behind is pretty cool. According to the site: will bring together 50,000 music fans to start their own record label. These fans will choose the label’s name and the first five bands to sign to record contracts worth $200,000 each. From there they will have input into every aspect of marketing and promotion for the label and its artists. Right now, joining LaunchALabel is free. Once the 50,000-member threshold is reached, each of those members will be required to pay $25 for access to the nomination and voting process. That will raise $1.25 million to sign bands and to pay for overhead expenses including office space and staff. Founder, Karol Gajda says, “Music is for fans, not corporations. And, fans should be a major part of the music selection and marketing processes from the very beginning.” If you’re interested in this intriguing experiment, visit, or contact Gajda directly at 407-745-1809.

Check out the site and see what you think.



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