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Creating a Rock and Roll Radio Revolution! Let the Podcasts Begin

I have an idea. I have been reading a lot about the nascent Podcasting movement and I want to give it a whirl. Not at this very minute unfortunately but perhaps in a few weeks time once I figure out all the software/hardware details and try to put together a somewhat coherent show which will in essence be an audio companion to The Rock and Roll Report. But that’s not my idea. My idea is bigger than that. I want The Rock and Roll Report to be a central repository of cool rock and roll podcasts. I need those of you out there who really love rock and roll to look into creating a podcast. Simple. Whip up a show and e-mail it to me. The only requirements are that it has to be about rock and roll (natch) and it should try to either showcase the new, indie and/or unsigned; or the weird, forgotten and eclectic and even that is subject to debate. You can talk about music, complain about music, recommend music or merely play music but if you are playing it you should make your best efforts to get clearance from the performers in question or at least let me know so I could give it a shot. I think most labels and bands will look kindly on the publicity. Be creative and funny. Showcase your rock and roll knowledge to the world. Stop complaining about the state of rock and roll radio and do something about it. If you already have a show consider making it “ipodder aware” and join the new radio revolution. Let’s see if we can create a new kind of rock and roll radio that contributes to the future of rock and roll instead of hastening its demise. If there is enough interest I will set up a companion website with resource links to help you all out but right now I need to know if I’m just pissing in the wind. Click here for a good overview of the podcasting phenomena and then let me know if you’re interested.