David Bash’s Favourite Albums of 2005 Part 1

International Pop Overthrow main man David Bash has put together a comprehensive list of his favourite albums of 2005 which I will post over the next few day. Here is part 1:

Here are my lists of favorite albums of 2005. As is my usual custom, I’ve broken this down into several categories, as I’m just not comfortable ranking unlike entities on one list…

Contemporary Categories

I. Top 100 Albums: I could extend this list at least by another 100 and still say that I thought every album on the list was a good one, but at right around #100 my head was starting to hurt from so much ranking, so I thought that was a strong signal for me to stop here.

With all the albums I did rate, God knows I’ve probably still missed a few that should be here. Oh well, without further ado…

1. Sparkwood-Jalopy Pop (Self-Released)
2. The 88-Over And Over (Mootron)
3. The Well Wishers-Under The Arrows (Not Lame)
4. Chris von Sneidern-California Redemption Value (Mastromonia)
5. Fran Smith Jr. and the Ten Cent Millionaires-Man Meets Machine (Self-Released)
6. The Spongetones-Number 9 (Loaded Goat)
7. Valley Lodge-Valley Lodge (D-Text)
8. The Fire Apes-Central Park Carousel (Kool Kat Musik)
9. The Len Price 3-Chinese Burn (Laughing Outlaw)
10. Jensen Bell-Modern Dating Tips (JB Standard Media)
11. Pendletones-Nothing Happened, You Just Got A Little Bit Older (Sound Carrier)
12. The Tunes-Bright Yellow Sun (Grandpop)
13. Millicent Friendly-Downtime (I Like Music)
14. The Capitol Years-Let Them Drink (Burn and Shiver)
15. The Indikation-In Terms Of… (Teen Sound)
16. Captain Wilberforce-Mindfilming (Self-Released)
17. The Sunshine-Love (Groover)
18. Neon-Neon (Slanted)
19. Pugwash-Jollity (1969)
20. Twinklehead-Made For These Times (Rec 90)
21. Ambershades-Clap, Clap, Clap (J&D)
22. Silver Sun-Disappear Here (Invisible Hands)
23. Teenage Fanclub-Man Made (PeMa)
24. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives-Origin Vol. I (Warner Music)
25. Paul McCartney-Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (Capitol)
26. The Lovetones-Meditations (Teepee)
27. Derby-This Is The New You (Self-Released)
28. Kimberley Rew-Essex Hideaway (Bongobeat)
29. Big Kid-All Kidding Aside (BK Productions)
30. The Get Quick-How The Story Goes (Rainbow Quartz)
31. Vinyl Kings-Time Machine (Vinyl Kings)
32. Andy Mac-Music For A Bright Moon Sky (Stay Clean)
33. Nic Armstrong & The Thieves-The Greatest White Liar (New West)
34. The Orange Peels-Circling The Sun (Parasol)
35. The Contrast-Forget To Tell The Time (Rainbow Quartz)
36. The A Sides-Hello, Hello (Prizon Jazz)
37. Checkpoint Charley-Songs One Through Twelve (Packdergg Music)
38. Smash Palace-Over The Top (Self-Released)
39. Brendan Benson-The Alternative To Love (V2)
40. The Click Five-Greetings From Imrie House (Lava/Atlantic)
41. Sam Ashworth-Gonna Get It Wrong Before I Get It Right (Runway)
42. The Wellingtons-Keeping Up With The Wellingtons (Self-Released)
43. Kaiser Chiefs-Employment (Universal)
44. The Supahip-Seize The World (Not Lame)
45. The Rudds-Get The Femuline Hang On (Self-Released)
46. Sparrow-The Early Yr’s (Absolutely Kosher)
47. The Everyday Things-Lighten Up, Francis! (Not Lame)
48. Fugu-As Found (Third Side)
49. Fool’s Garden-Ready For The Real Life (Lemonade)
50. The Mockers-The Lonesome Death Of Electric Campfire (Zebra)

Stay tuned for Part 2!