David Bash’s Favourite Albums of 2005 Part 2

51. Champagne-Ready, Steady, Go! (Rock Indiana)

52. The Tearaways-Beat Yer Own Mersey (Fried)

53. The Royal Purple-Instant Analysis (Umbrella)

54. The Quags-Devil’s Music (Self-Released)

55. David Brookings-Chorus Verses The Bridge (Self-Released)

56. Robert Post-Robert Post (Mercury)

57. Dum Dog Run-Dum Dog Run (Fuseic)

58. Jeremy-Find The Way To Be Happy (Jam)

59. Orange Park-Songs From The Unknown (Young American)

60. BC Camplight-Hide, Run Away (One Little Indian)

61. Cheese-Enlarge Your Johnson (Pink Hedgehog)

62. The Edisons-Lost In The Dream (Self-Released)

63. The LeeVees-Hanukkah Rocks (Reprise)

64. Supergrass-Road To Rouen (Parlophone)

65. Nudge Em All-Sunn (Groovie Drunker)

66. Oasis-Don’t Believe The Truth (Big Brother)

67. The Afternoons-Rocket Summer (Saturday)

68. Jeremy-Only Love Remains (Jam)

69. Mark Johnson and the Wild Alligators-Mark Johnson and the Wild Alligators (Radioghost)

70. John Davis-John Davis (Rambler)

71. Johnny Society-Coming To Get You (Messenger)

72. Cone Of Silence-Sixty Grit Sandpaper & Other Delights (Melograph)

73. The Maharajas-A Third Opinion (Low Impact)

74. Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes-Sweet On The Vine (Zip)

75. True Love-Wings (Not Lame)

76. Sebastian Clark-Songs From A Van (Self-Released)

77. Van Duren-Open Secret (Pure Pop Planet)

78. Tim Anthony-The Happy Door (Jealousy)

79. The Sealevel-Beach From Last Summer (Firestation)

80. Dave Dill-See You In The Sunshine (Pickled Sun)

81. Mitch Linker-Mitch Linker (Self-Released)

82. The Imprints-Sounds Of The Aftermath (Self-Released)

83. The Spring Collection-The Spring Collection (Blindspot)

84. Rinaldi Sings-What’s It All About? (Tangerine)

85. The Loons-Paraphernalia (UT)

86. The Latebirds-Radio Insomnia (Grandpop)

87. John Ashfield-Distance To Empty (Self-Released)

88. Carolyn Edwards-Carolyn Edwards (True Classical)

89. Peter, Bjorn, and John-Falling Out (Hidden Agenda)

90. The Rubinoos-Twist Pop Sin (Air Mail)

91. The Glimmer Stars-The Glimmer Stars (Candy Bang)

92. Zatopeks-Ain’t Nobody Left But Us (Stardumb)

93. Useless ID-Redemption (Kung Fu)

94. The Small Change-The Smash Change (Unsmashable)

95. The Redwalls-De Nova (Capitol)

96. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop-Pop Songs & Kyries (Whisper-ma-phone)

97. Of Montreal-The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl)

98. The Capitals-Broadcast One (Self-Released)

99. Feedbacks-My Own Revolution (Rock Indiana)

100. Tan Sleeve-American Blood (Cheft)

To be continued….


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