‘Delicious’ complilation CD

I saw this on the Opportunities for unsigned and breaking artists Facebook Group from Jane Wbg:

Hi all,

You may (or may not) know I work at a small music PR company called Delicious (http://www.deliciouspr.com)

We are thinking of putting out a ‘Delicious’ compilation CD with the emphasis on commercially viable to raise the profile of quality acts who are finding it hard to get their music heard by the ‘right’ people.

We could feature up to 15 acts who would all have their website and contact info on the sleeve and the CDs would go out to venues, student radio, media, bookers and A&R. All bands would also get a few copies and a full list of where the CDs have been sent.

I’m interested in hear from bands who’d like to be considered for inclusion – we estimate the cost to be around £150 to be featured.

We’d also like to hear from any industry folk interested in receiving a copy.

When you think it costs hundreds – sometimes thousands for a PR campaign to send music to all these contacts, it’s pretty good value.

Can any interested parties email Darren on contact@deliciouspr.com

Thanks so much xx