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Discovering new music with Indy

Ian Clarke, the man behind Freenet has developed a brand new music discovery service that he claims “does for freely available independent music what Google does for the world wide web.” Called Indy, it is a downloadable music player (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) that uses collaborative filtering to help the user discover new indie music. When you fire up the Indy player it starts streaming freely available indie music which you then proceed to rank from one star (worst) to five stars (best). Based on your ratings of music you hear, the Indy player retrieves other music that matches your interests based on how you have ranked music in the past. The best part of it is that all of the music is available as an un-encumbered MP3 file that you can keep. I have only started to play with it recently but it is definitely a cool application. For some more details on how it works read Freenet Creater Launches “the Google Of Indie Music” and Indy Site Explores New Tunes and then go to the Indy site and download the player. It’s all quite amazing.