Rock Radio 2.0

Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio? Doing the Dodécaphonique Twist with Mimi la twisteuse

As I have been pointing out throughout the short and twisted history of this blog, Rock and Roll radio is alive and well, it’s just well hidden sometimes. There are huge syndicated rock and roll radio shows broadcast all over North America and small one hour slices of rock ‘n’ roll madness on community radio stations all over the place there for the taking. The Internet, despite its twisted rules and regulations, has added some amazing rock and roll radio thrills and spills that, technology allowing, make for great listening day and night. At first blush it might seem we are losing the radio diversity wars but a careful peek around shows that there is more radio worth listening to than ever before. A perfect example of great rock and roll radio hails from my hometown of Montréal. “Dodécaphonique Twist” hosted by Montreal radio legend Mimi la twisteuse is a primo slice of rock and roll heaven. Playing anything from British Invasion to glam to Sunshine Pop to r’n’b/soul and to anything else her heart fancies from the ’60s to now, Mimi knows her rock ‘n’ roll. An avid fan and hardcore collector of French ’60s pop, her previous show “Dans le Garage” was at one time one of the only radio shows around to strongly feature a wide variety of obscure French ’60s pop on a weekly basis, bringing in a strong local and even North American cyber following to her show (the show also had a brief syndication run for a few years in a French station overseas), before the Ultra Chicks and other ’60s French pop comps craze was to hit North America. She has compiled volume 10 of the infamous “Girls in the Garage” series, an all French volume of ’60s gogo girls! Mimi’s love of 20th century pop culture as well as her love of comedy, novelties and international rock n roll from then and now make her show’s weekly playlists unique and interesting, as well as continuously rockin’! Broadcast every Saturday night from 10 to 11 pm, on CIBL, 101.5 FM, in Montréal you can listen live with Real Audio at Not only does she play great rock and roll but her show is broadcast in French! Woah you cry, I don’t speak French! Well think of it this way. The majority of the show is music right? In between the music are the poetic sounds of French spoken in such a warm and wonderful manner that you will be as mesmerized by the spoken word breaks as you will be by the great rock and roll tunes she spins! How can you go wrong? Or how about this: Remember that funky, hip French teacher from high school? Imagine if she invited you over to her place and you discovered that not only does she have the most incredible rock and roll record collection that you have ever seen but that she can chat intelligently about French ’60s pop and The Ramones while at the same time showing you how to conjegate your verbs! How cool is that? If you want to soak up the global aspect of rock and roll you have to seek out the sources that might not be immediately apparent, like The Rock and Roll Report has done in the past with South African and Thai rock and roll. Listen globally, check out gigs locally I allways say. Think of it as part of The Rock and Roll Report’s global rock and roll curriculum. French rock and roll language lessons. Just another service brought to you by your humble scribe here at The Rock and Roll Report. Now hurry off and get your records and books. And listen to Mimi on Saturday nights. I know that after just one hour in this French class you’ll be e-mailing the station asking for more.