Don’t Tread On Me! Rock Out Censorship

Democracy has always existed in the west as an idealized form of governance that promotes individual liberty and happiness. That is the theory. Realistically we know that censorship has reared its ugly head continuously and the trend seems to be accelerating in recent years. The only way to battle censorship in all its forms is to confront it head on as complacency is the enemy of any true democracy. Now what does this have to do with rock and roll you ask? Don’t ask me, ask the gang at Rock Out Censorship, an excellent website that deals with this very issue. According to the ROC website “We are a grass roots anti-censorship organization seeking to counteract efforts being made across the political spectrum to deprive us of our First Amendment rights… and we are
To put it bluntly, we are fed up, disgusted, offended, and pissed off about having our First Amendment rights trampled, ignored, desecrated, and pissed on by spineless politicians that have sold out this country to corporate interests, religious zealots that seek to turn this once free nation into an intolerant theocracy where we all MUST worship THEIR God, THEIR way, or burn in Hell for all eternity, and the so-called liberal sentries of political correctness in which nobody can dare utter a single word that might be construed as something that might offend someone.”
They’re not shy are they? Not only are these guys hard core in their defense of First Amendment rights (they are U.S. based but are slowly spreading around the world), they put together an excellent rock and roll e-zine and resource site. Check them out. At the very least you will get some cool rock and roll stuff to read, at the very best you might come away from reading the site just a little bit more concerned about what is happening to your rights and maybe you will even do something about it. Either way you’re a winner. Who said you don’t learn anything in rock and roll?