Drastic Plastic Play List From September 26, 2005

Well I guest hosted on the Drastic Plastic Radio Show on September 26th, 2005 from 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM on CKUT FM  and while I still fumbled and mumbled my way through I got the chance to play some great indie rock and roll. So here it is, my playlist for the night. You can listen to the archives at CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Boys Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls – The Stoneage Hearts – "Guilty as Sin"
  • Sheer Heart Attack – The Gaza Strippers – "From the Desk of Dr. Freepill"
  • Sugar Machine – The Gaza Strippers – "From the Desk of Dr. Freepill"
  • Dear My Inspiration – The Minus Five – "In Rock"
  • Another Fork in the Road – The Hands of Time – "I Am a Hideous Monster"
  • Space Travel – Soul Hooligan – "Sugarlumps"
  • Mini Jupe et Watusi – Les Breastfeeders – "Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe"
  • Fantastic Freak Show Carnival – King Bathmat – "Fantastic Freak Show Carnival"
  • Shake it Up – Purrbox – "Substitution Mass Confusion: A Tribute to the Cars"
  • Bye Bye Bye Baby – The Dials – "Flex Time"
  • She’s the End/Great Sheiks – Sex Clark 5 – "This is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio" (compilation)
  • Take a Ride – The Ringles – "Take a Ride"
  • I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?" – The Young Fresh Fellows – "The Young Fresh Fellows vs. The Minus 5"
  • Sidewalk Chalk – The A Sides – "Hello Hello"
  • Let The Music Do The Talking – The Konks – The Konks
  • The First Hit – The Sweetbacks – The Sweetbacks
  • Holiday – Phil Avalos & The Quiet Lanes – "Don’t Shake Me Up"

Until next time.

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