Odds & Sods

E-mail woes over. Crisis averted. Nervous breakdown postponed.

Well Hotmail is back up and running today but the whole incident was quite “Twilight Zone-ish” and I was almost expecting the computer to say in its best HAL-like voice “What mail Dave? I can’t do that Dave. You are acting irrationally.” It was as if I had never sent or recieved anything. Anyhow, it’s back up and I have decided to maintain both my Hotmail and Gmail accounts for different things. As for Gmail all I can say in my best Kramer voice is “I’m loving it!” Very fast and convenient.
Despite my statement that I would not post anything today I will be writing up a few things over the span of the next few hours including the Chicks Rock Fest, a psychedelic drug research auction and “Rock and Roll Hits for Aging Baby Boomers.” TGIF!