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EEPI 2005: Conference and Workshop on Electronic Entertainment Policies, Problems, and Solutions

A conference is being organized late summer or early fall in LA that might be of interest to some of you. Called the Conference and Workshop on Electronic Entertainment Policies, Problems and Solutions the goals of the conference as quoted in an e-mail I received are:

Primary goals of this meeting include both providing attendees with insight into the many often conflicting points of view and complex characteristics related to these issues, and to work towards establishing a long-term framework for finding and implementing practical, cooperative solutions wherever possible. This will not be a place for finger-pointing or name-calling. Attendees should be interested in learning more about these issues and helping to solve the many complex problems in this arena that we must deal with today and that we will be facing with increasingly rapidity in the future.

In this day where technology evolves faster than the law, it might be a good idea if you are an indie musician to get involved in a debate that will affect every facet of what you do.