Women Who Rock! Introducing Triple R Girl & Model Rocker Emily Lazar

(A Note from the Publisher) Welcome to the brand new Triple R Girl feature here at The Rock and Roll Report. If you think this is a typical "babe of the month" thing you are sadly mistaken. The Triple R Girl celebrates some amazing women who exemplify rock and roll attitude. These women not only talk the talk but walk the walk and we will be featuring women who are successful musicians, music biz insiders and real rock and roll fans. We hope that being a Triple R Girl will be an honor for those who take part because it shows people that you can be sexy, intelligent and successful. Women in rock and roll should never be considered an accessory to the band and we hope that this goes a small way in proving that. Mark

"Emily Lazar, "M", has a voracious appetite for performing. Her growling vocals and dynamic stage presence drinks in her audience and devours the stage. With their particular look, style and theatrics, her band (at the current time working under the name "Fugitiv") stands above the traditional. With an uncontrollable energy and skilled musicianship, M and crew put on a show that will kick your teeth in and leave you wanting more.

Recently (the songs heard on her site www.myspace.com/mlazar ) M has worked with Genzo Rubin (multi platinum grammy nominated: Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, Babyface and David Foster)and Sebastian Basco to blend rock and industrial to create intensely powerful songs that move you, are radio-friendly, beat-driven and universally appealing. She continues to evolve musically and record new songs. Currently, she is writing new material with her band along with Carley Coma (ex-Candiria/ Hope Kills Fear) as well as other featured musicians. The band intends to have a full EP completed by the end of summer, the launch of a new website, unveiling of their new name, songs and image.

In the press…..

As the featured face for Draven , she has graced the pages of Revolver Magazine, Kerrang!!, Synthesis Magazine, Vice Magazine, Death and Taxes Magazine, Strutter Rock Magazine, YRB Magazine, among others. She has a billboard in Europe as well. She was written up in the premier issue of Strutter magazine as a frontwoman to watch. She is endorsed by Manic Panic and will be seen across Europe and the UK in their advertising campaign starting in the fall of 08. She has a feature article on her band in the May/June issue of Music Underground Entertainment News (MUEN) Magazine. She has been a featured artist in Burn Magazine in the UK as well. She has modeled for Sourpuss Clothing, Loaded clothing, World Famous Clothing and Steeleworkx Jewelry. She has two calendars out in 2008, "1849" and "The Mistresses of George W Bush". She has done runway for Nordstroms and ZCMI department stores. She is endorsed by Samson Microphones, covergirl for Impulse Magazine, and has had spreads and been a celebrity guest writer for industry magazines such as Imagozine and Medazzarock as well. She is a weekly guest on Jon Lewis’ radio show on 6PR 882 AM in Perth Western Australia and has been a featured artist and guest on VM Underground, Metal Monthly and Metalmessiah Radio among other well known online rock music stations. M is a featured music correspondent for Gorillawire TV. She recently shot a national campaign to raise funds for the Democratic National Party with Truththroughaction.org.



  1. this “women who rock” magazine just cracks me up. there is no such thing as a female ultimate rocker. like i may have said in my recent posts, there is no such thing as a female guitar ruler, & that if anyone looks into a book of guitar rulers, you’ll find nothing but all males, it is true. i could prove this with my usual flawless logic, but it’d be too long. they’ve said it over & over: “females beat males @ being musicians.” & my response was “f*****************ck you!” because that on the other hand ISN’T true. so women who think that they’re guitar queens, BITE ME!

  2. This is just the kind of misguided attitude that we are trying to change with the “Women Who Rock – Triple R Girl” feature but I suspect you are in the minority with your view.

    If you don’t think women can rock go ask Joan Jett or Nancy and Ann Wilson, the Deal sisters, Kim Gordon, Courtney Love or the ladies from Cockpit, The Donnas and Barbe-Q-Barbies. The list is endless and all rock with the best of them, male or female and there are more and more women rockers hitting the stages every month of every year.

    As I see all the time right here on RRR there are more than enough amazing women rockers to make this a daily feature so I don’t buy what you are selling. ’nuff said.

  3. Hey Seth Finley: I am sick of you “rock purist” guys who espouse the chauvinistic (and unsupported) view above. Oh yeah, I’ve run across your kind before, you’re probably over 45 and living at home with moms. ANYWAYS, I am not going to get into a whole list here, but I will remind you of LITA FORD and numerous 60’s girl groups that many musicians have been inspired by, not to mention all the female blues artists who struggled and scraped to do what they loved.

    I hope you are getting all the attention you crave from the responses to your insipid comment. Please note, howvever, that it won’t make your Johnson any bigger.

    Oops, I hear your Mommy calling. You better get going and pick out her favorite color nail polish so you can do her toenails “just right.”

  4. Don’t tell me…another guitarist with small man syndrome and women issues….
    and apparently too big on himself to realize there’s more than the guitarist involved to make great rock music. But then again, that could be why you are stuck at home comparing women to people out of magazines and not actually up on stage doing what you love and embracing that love within other people.
    Let’s you and I get on stage, buddy and see who the crowd’s cheering for…guaranteed it won’t be you.

  5. Hey Seth,
    I agree with you; so far there hasn’t been a female Hendrix or Prince…but that day is coming. We just need a little more time to catch up. When I was 15, for example, I asked my Mom if I could start playing electric guitar. Her reply? “That would be unladylike.” When I said “But Mom, that’s sexist!” she said “It would just be too loud.” I was crushed. And I didn’t pick up the electric guitar until I was a senior in college and just couldn’t live without it anymore. Meanwhile, my 9-year-old brother was allowed to play the drums 3 hours a day in the basement. Guess who became the better musician faster?

    My mom totally meant well–she was trying to raise me to be an “acceptable” woman. This is what women have dealt with…and guess what, we’re catching up and we ARE going to be among the rock icons of tomorrow. And of course some woman have already achieved that status…they’re mentioned here also.

    Music speaks louder than words so I humbly invite you to check out some of my guitar solos on http://www.devi-rock.com. You might like “C21H23NO3” about 3:15 into the song; or “Love That Lasts” around 2:25.

    And please check out Teresa Russell and Jennifer Batten…unbelievable players!!

  6. Dearest Ladies,
    I have always loved females in rock and roll, from the 1950’s on. My Sister also sings and plays, although not professionally..My mother used to love hearing me play and sing with my sister. Debra De Salvo is destined to be world famous and signed to a major label contract. At least I hope so. I have known many female rockers,have even met one of the Supremes, Mary Wilson. I am very bereaved at the passing of Ellie Greenwich,another legend. Its about time men didnt feel so threatened by competition from Women,we all have mothers. I was very proud of the Female bass player and drummer I had in my band The Pleasures, You will find them on a song called “HIgh Rolling” on my my space page. God bless all women and all men too. This is the modern world,
    Love. Peace, Understanding and Rock and Roll,
    Bernard Mc Dermott

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