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Fck CMJ!

flipping-the-bird.jpgThere is a group that has formed to create an alternative to the annual CMJ music event in New York City because they feel that it has become too corporate. Called the unCMJ Music Fest (formerly the fckCMJ Music Fest), the organisers are aiming to put together an all ages festival that caters to indie music fans and not the music journalists and publicity people that they feel have ruined CMJ. According to the organisers “The unCMJ Music Fest is about music, not marketing opportunities” and is scheduled to take place October 19 – 20, 2007.

You can find out more about the festival at

UPDATE! Well it seems the fine folks at CMJ (or at least their legal eagles) are not too happy with the unCMJ Music Fest and have forced organisers to change its name to un C. em J. Music Fest. Get all the grizzly details at This Day in Rock.



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I can’t agree with you more. I performed at a CMJ on the 80’s and even then it was a popularity contest. We wound up playing at the CBGB annex to a bunch of coffee drinkers. Going down the list of this years event one can only hope that new UK import Dirty Fuzz (who a friend of mine recommended I check out) might find an audience. Also, I Wrestled A Bear Once sounds promising. Last year the only band to emerge was the Black Kids. One band, out of how many?

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