Rock Radio 2.0

Fever in the Morning

Do you ever wish that you could wake up in the morning, flip on the radio (or however else you turn a radio on) and instantly be listening to a wide range of cool, possibly slightly esoteric but otherwise real fun rock and roll that actually compels you to give up all daily sustenance while sitting there with a stupid grin on your face turning up the volume every 2 minutes. Well, the Internet might just save the day, or not.
Internet radio has had more fits and starts than my buddy’s 1982 Honda Civic but when it’s good, and it works, and the streams don’t drop out, and you can afford it, it’s great! I’ve already mentioned “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” and I have another great show for you: “The Wayback Machine.” Now granted, it only streams on Tuesday nights 10:00pm – Midnight CST on KDHX-FM 88.1 from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA but people it’s worth it to tune in. It’s mission as quoted on their site is thus “Each and every week the program showcases a truly unruly spectrum of trash that is best described as rock ‘n’ roll in its purest, wildest, most primal form, born from garages and basements all over the world and played with a passion and frenzy often not found in other forms of “rock” music.” Very cool and lot’s of fun.

And that’s not all there is out there. There are more great shows on great stations broadcasting all over the net. I will make it my lot in life to try and illuminate at least 1 show or station every week so that you can wash out that bland, stale, Clear Channel programmed drivel out of your greasy locks and replace it with the refreshing, always interesting, never boring sounds of real rock and roll. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let’s go.