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Further news and babblings from t’other side of the Atlantic!

Hello there fellow rock’n’roll fans!

Yes I, Ashley King, your European contributor, is back once again with an update on my various musical happenings on this side of the pond!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been to far too many gigs than my bank balance can cope with, and have been taking in performances by Kate Bush loving post-punk quartet The Futureheads, punk funk heroes Hot Hot Heat, and Newcastle noiseniks, yourcodenameis:milo. All three bands (and in the most part, their support acts too) put on great shows, my finances on the other hand aren’t looking so good!

What with my gig going habit combined with my total inablility to stop buying CDs, it won’t be very long till I am completely broke. That said, what is my (monetary) loss will inevitably the readers of this site gain!

As soon as I get up off my lazy ass, I’ll havce a review of “White Butterfly”, the second album from London post-grunge trio InMe. I picked up a promotional copy of it, from one of Manchester’s best record shops, Vinyl Exchange on this Saturday. And as far as my knowledge goes it doesn’t get a proper release for at least another six weeks, so there’ll soon be an exclusive review of it here!

As summer sets in, it can only mean one thing… the great British rock festivals are here! Ahhh yes Glastonbury (Coldplay, Kylie Minogue and White Stripes headlining), Reading/Leeds (Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters and the Pixies), V Festival (Oasis) and Download (Feeder, Black Sabbath and System of a Down)…and how many of them am I going to? None! Once again my record buying habits have led me to become so skint that by the time I finally managed to scrape enough money to buy a ticket for one they’ve sold out. All of them! Not happy… however I will still update y’all on all the latest news from them. And if anyone wants to buy me a ticket for one them feel free!

That’s your lot for now people,

I’m off to plan my summer of rock and roll!