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Get ready for another Wild Weekend in Spain

Spain is rapidly becoming my destination of choice for a rock and roll holiday as I just saw the line-up for Wild Weekend 5 and it looks great! Coming to Benidorn, Spain November 18th to 21st, Wild Weekend 5 will feature:

The Monks (US)
The Music Machine (US)
The Nashville Ramblers (US)
The Vice Barons (Belgium)
Harold Ray Live in concert (US)
The Embrooks (UK)
Shutdown-66 (Australia)
The Rippers (Italy)
The Stags (UK)
The Imperial Surfers (Spain)
Palookaville (Spain)
The FaceFul (Japan)
The Staggers (Austia)
Der Beat Agent (Denmark)
The Hollywood Sinners (Spain)
The Unchayned (UK)
The Hollywood Sinners (Spain)
The Playmobils (France/Sweden)
Three Delcias (Spain)

On top of that there will be a Thursday pre-party, GoGo dancers, a bunch of really cool DJs and a “groove lounge.” Sounds like an absolute blast. If you have any questions you can join the Wild Weekend Yahoo Group to stay on top of all the details.

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