Getting into podcast mode

Well truth be told I have been neglecting my first born for quite awhile but I have been busy. In October 2005 I created F1 Prospects.Com to write about my other love, open wheel formula racing and all the young guns around the world trying to make it to Formula 1. Ya I know, quite the change but I have been a racing nut for almost as long as I have been a music nut and I just felt like doing something to support young racing drivers. As a result of course my writing for the Rock and Roll Report dropped off dramatically but I have not abandoned rock and roll for the race track as I am currently putting together the pieces for creating my first podcast called F1 Prospects Radio. How does this relate to rock and roll you ask? Well one of the things I plan to do is feature indie rock and roll (podcast safe of course) prominently in the podcast. The current plan, which is always in flux would be to feature a song at the beginning and end of the podcast. Eventually I would like to move those tunes over to a dedicated Rock and Roll Report podcast as I wouldn’t be able to play the whole thing at F1 Prospects so the two podcasts would hopefully feed off each other.

I am currently getting the equipment together and working on my format but if you are interested in submitting your music to be featured and your are not affiliated with the RIAA in any way contact me at and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Hopefully this will breath new life into the Rock and Roll Report and allow me to get my rock and roll and racing fix all at the same time. Let the adventure begin!

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