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Going To The Big Rock Show. Rush In Concert.

I have always made my preference known for seeing bands play in small clubs. To me it is the ideal way to experience rock and roll. That said, after witnessing Rush in concert last month on their 30th Anniversary Tour I’ve decided that you have to give yourself a treat once in a while and attend a well produced “big rock show.” You can love ‘em or loath ‘em but Rush but on an incredible 3 hour plus rock and roll extravaganza that skimped on nothing. From the incredible light show (lasers! When the hell was the last time I saw lasers at a concert?) to the incredible visuals on the back screen, to the excellent (and loud!) sound to the well thought out selections from Rush’s vast repertoire of songs this concert was truly a delight to experience. The mixing “board” located front of house looked like Mission Control at NASA for crying out loud! Obviously with ticket prices approaching $100.00 you must choose your big show wisely, and in this case if you hate Rush no light show will change your mind but I am starting to consider these big arena and stadium shows as something akin to those Andrew Lloyd Weber Broadway spectaculars. You wouldn’t want to go to them exclusively and miss out on the excellent theatre that is perhaps not so in your face but going to see one once in a while can be quite a fun and enjoyable experience. Take them for what they are, enjoy and then get back to the clubs where you belong! (Disclaimer: I will be seeing two more “big rock shows” in R.E.M. and The Tragically Hip and honesty look forward to the experience. It’s all part of rock and roll after all!).