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GREY “Self-Titled”

We are facing hundreds of new releases of singles, EP’s and albums every day, but only a few can make you suck up into their music because only quality and uniqueness can make you a loyal fan of the artist instantly.

This is what happened when I first heard Grey’s debut self-titled EP through one of the many streaming services after a friend recommended it to me through social media. After listening to the 4 songs on their self-titled EP I knew this is a band I will listen for a lifetime. Their sound is hard yet melodic and the leading vocalist has such a powerful voice. The lyrics of the songs, although different, are all containing strong messages.

Impressed and a bit obsessed I did a little digging in attempt to find out more about the band and although there is a very positive buzz on social media, I didn’t find any articles which really surprised me.

Grey is a rather new alternative rock band (formed in 2012) named after the color that balances black and white, trying to send a message that everything in life is about balance. This is exactly what they manage to bring with their first self-titled EP which is a perfect balance between hard and melodic. I was surprised that a band so new has such a mature sound.

If you want something new and unique and you are a fan of hard rock music do give ‘Grey’ a listen. The band has released lyric videos for all of the songs from the EP and if my source is correct, they are about to be signed with a major label so we can expect a full album release and a tour very soon!

I hope this article will bring Grey’s music closer to you and will give you a band that will have an impact on your life because these guys are here to stay!

Click on the links that follow to check out the music of Grey:

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(article written and contributed to The Rock And Roll Report by Jenna Paskey)