Rock and Roll Reads

Growing Your Rock and Roll Library

So the weekend is right around the corner and the weather is looking grim. What is a rock and roll fan to do? Well, the idea of CD shopping comes up but you feel like relaxing in quiet with a good book. What to read you wonder? What rock and roll literary masterpiece can I lose myself in this weekend? If this sounds like you, check out Beat Books, a very cool book store in London that specializes in “rare and used books, magazines and ephemera from the Beat Generation, the Sixties CounterCulture, and the Avant-Gardes.” There are some really cool books available and depending on what you are looking for, the prices can be reasonable, although if you’re in the mood, you can drop $9000.00 on a letter from John Lennon to his first wife Cynthia written in 1974. I mean really, could you possibly find stuff like this at Amazon? Not bloody likely (use a British accent when you say that!). Very cool stuff for the rock and roll reader, and collector, in all of us.