Hangin’ out pre-show with Vancouver’s Bend Sinister

Fun, electrifying and upbeat all the way, Bend Sinister, blasted its big, bodacious sound at this year’s Pop Montreal festival. The Vancouver-based band, whose name was acquired from a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, is made up of Dan Moxon (lead vocalist and keys), Joel Myers (bass), Joseph Blood (guitar) and Jason Dana (drummer) and is currently on a cross-Canada tour. I met up with one of the West Coast rockers, Joseph, right before the band’s show at Les 3 Minots. Here’s what happened…

Q: Sorry I’m a little flustered, my bike got two flat tires and I had to hop on one of those rental bikes to make it here on time…

A: Oh, that sucks! Yeah, I saw those rental bikes around – that’s kind of cool.

Q: Yeah! So have you seen any Pop shows yet?

A: No, we just got here from Kingston, but we are definitely planning too!

Q: What Pop shows are you going to check out?

A: Well, we are playing with Golden Isles and I really want to see them live – we’ve always been fans –  then try to catch the Carole Pope show. Actually, our drummer used to play for her.

Q: Wow, that’s neat. Anything else?

A: I think Deerhoof later. We are headed to Ottawa tomorrow and maybe we’ll come back for the rest of Pop tomorrow night.

Q: Have you guys played in Montreal before?

A: Oh yeah, we played at Club Lambi earlier this year.

Q: Do you think the music scene here is different from that in Vancouver?

A: Yeah, it’s pretty different. I think because Montreal has both the French and English audience there is a sort of boundary to pass, but the scene here is really welcoming.

Q: How did you guys in the band meet?

A: Well, I’m from Vancouver and joined the band two years ago. Bend Sinister has been around for eight years and Dan is originally from Kelowna. There have been a lot of changes in members since then with guys going off to college or starting a job.

Q: Has having changes in members influenced the band’s sound?

A: Definitely. Our sound now is much cleaner…we’re a better band all around. We definitely have the best drummer in Vancouver.

Q: You guys definitely have your own style. Who is the band influenced by?

A: Mostly Queen and Supertramp. Dan is a big fan of Brian Wilson and I really like Bauhaus, The Dead Boys, Tom Waits, but you don’t necessarily hear that in our music. We’ve had a lot of references to Supertramp though.

Q: What are your plans for next year?

A: Well, after Ottawa we’re headed to Charlottetown, then Halifax, Fredericton and then back West. In November, we are heading back to the studio to finish recording our next album.

While these guys are rock and rolling their way across Canada, you can check out their latest album, Spring Romance, which was released in June and is available to buy online. The original album is full of pop/rock tunes that are sure to get you dancing. I definitely recommend seeing Bend Sinister live, so check out their tour dates and learn more about the band here: