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Have you been Limozined?

LimozinedThere is a mountain of incredible music out there that deserves to be covered but while I was surfing around for breakfast this morning I managed to find this new release from one of my favourite bands who I have covered on site here before. There are bands that have it, there are bands that come close as they have it but don’t quite use it to the full, and there are bands like Limozine who have it, know just what to do with it and man they really do hit out with it. Limozine are a full blown garage rock’n’roll band who are most definitely inspired by The Cramps, The Ramones and The Stooges. What more does one need anyway?

Limozine have made another album in exactly the same vein as their previous releases, This is the bands fourth album, Car Crash Casino, Evil Love, Full Service and this, their latest release You’ve Been Limozined all have the same effect. Limozine are deliciously raunchy & boisterous punked up rock’n’roll puts a grin on your face as you head for the volume control and turn it up. I love this stuff as it just makes me want to boogie around and dance.

Go on, do yourselves a favour and head over to Bandcamp where you can check the band out and listen to plenty of Limozine’s music. You can also download their material here.

You’ve Been Limozined on Bandcamp

Limozine on Facebook

And check this great video, it is the first song on their new album, You’ve Been Limozined.

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Cheers Nick for the great review. You were the first to review the album

and a bang on one it is to!!!! All the Best. Dean from Limozine

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