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Hell Mama, Lick and a Promise have done it again!

LNAP-Hell_Mama   You may well already know a little about this amazing and creative German band from my previous articles about Lick and a Promise here on the Rock and Roll Report. I am now writing this to inform you of their new Hell Mama promo EP. This has been released to give us all a taste of what is in the pipeline, yes a new album is being made. This promises to be another mixture of both acoustic and electric rock and I am eager to hear this. Hell Mama just makes me all the more excited about what is to come from this incredible band.

There are six superb songs on Hell Mama which was released on August 5. Each and every one of these stand out and as to be expected are beautifully crafted and just leave you wanting more. The opening track ‘Surprise Surprise’ magically draws you into its dream like rhythms. ‘Bring It On Rider’ is a little more driven. The guitars have a dirtier sound to them and take the lead a bit more. These match the superb vocals so well. ‘Regards’ is another song which has incredible rock’n’roll harmonics. Song 4 ‘Hell Mama’ is a sleazily smooching masterpiece which swings along sweetly and embraces many styles. ‘Just Like Him’ gets a little bluesy while the drum rhythms really make their mark. ‘Ain’t Your Girl’ closes the EP and is another bluesy, woeful song that leads out beautifully.

‘Bring It On Rider’ and ‘Hell Mama’ are the two most likely songs from Lick and a Promise to load into your mp3 player but I would recommend that this EP deserves to be played a straight through. The reason that I say this because it portrays a love story magically and almost mystically with a pure classic rock style.

This is another release which deserves a 9+/10 rating, check it out and purchase it here.