Rock and Roll Reads

Hockey is the Rock and Roll of Sports

Hockey is the rock and roll of sports. It’s fast. It’s cool. It’s fun. It has great traditions and you don’t look stupid wearing short pants (right Angus!). I play, my son plays and my wife is a devoted Montreal Canadiens fan. What has this to do with rock and roll you ask? Aren’t all Canadians hockey fans since our weather is 10 months winter and 2 months bad dog sledding you exclaim? Well one of the best chroniclers of the game is, wait for it, a rock and roller! Yes that’s right. His name is Dave Bidini of the Canadian band The Rheostatics. Now, alongside some great rock and roll (perhaps an acquired taste for those of you whose knowledge of Canadiana extends no further than Dudley Do Right and Bob and Doug Mackenzie), Mr. Bidini is an accomplished writer. Two books in particular I would recommend are “On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock” an excellent meditation on the life of a touring rock band in Canada and “Tropic of Hockey” a great book on hockey played in the most exotic and bizarre places on the globe. Great stuff all around. Check out his books and his band and lace up those skates for “the best game you can name.”