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I Still Love the Stones

You know, I still love the Rolling Stones. What you say? Those old farts? Ah, they’re just in it for the money you scream. Then you use that famous line that drives me bananas: “They’re just not relevant anymore.” Hoo boy I hate that statement, proclamation, opinion or whatever you want to call it! They are relevant to me and the approximately 470,000 people crowded into an old air force base in Toronto that’s who. What do you expect Keith Richards to do? Retire? The guy would die if he couldn’t tour anymore. And Charlie Watts? Coolest man in rock and roll. I think that this article, though written in 1997, puts everything into perspective perfectly. Read it and show some respect. You never know when you might run into Keith Richards and it’s rumored that he carries a switch blade. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.