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Important Cherry Bombs Radio News

On a somewhat ironic note, my selection for Radio Station of the Week next week currently finds themselves without a home so in the interest of helping out this excellent rock and roll radio program, I am posting for your information this important announcement regarding Cherry Bombs Radio:

Dear Cherry Bombs Listeners,

Unfortunately we have some very sad news to pass on to you all. As you know, the show’s home since its humble beginnings 10 months ago, has been Liquid London, a DAB station owned by Virgin Radio. However, we have just received news that due to a senior level management decision regarding the priorities and direction of the station, Virgin have decided that with immediate effect, Liquid London will no longer feature any live or specialist music shows. Instead, Liquid London will revert to being a fully automated station.


Obviously, Paul, Jim and I are absolutely devastated by this news, but DO NOT PANIC! This is not the end of the Cherry Bombs show. We are currently exploring a number of avenues with regard to finding a new home for the show and hope to be able to announce some good news on where and when you can hear your favourite power-pop show back on the airwaves on a different station!

We would like to thank a number of members of the Virgin Radio management team for helping us make this happen.

Mailing List

Until such time as we can make an announcement regarding our new home, we have set up a mailing list feature on where you are able to register your email address and we’ll keep you informed of any developments on when we will be back on the airwaves! If you know any regular listeners who may not be in receipt of this message, please help us to keep them aware of developments by urging them to register their email address at the Cherry Bombs site.

As we have not had the opportunity to air a fairwell show, if any bands or labels who are friends of the show would be prepared to give some exposure to ourplight by getting listeners to sign up to the mailing list through their websites, we would be eternally

Thank yous!

There are however a number of people we would like to thank who have helped make the show such a roaring success so far.

Firstly, our gratitude goes to all those at Virgin Radio who gave us access to some of the most amazing broadcast and recording studios in the country. A particularly big thank you goes to Mark, Virgin Radio’s head engineer, for generously donating his spare time, hard work and extensive knowledge that made it possible for us to record so many amazing live sessions.

Secondly, all the bands and record labels for keeping us informed about the developments in this genre and mostly for ensuring this genre not only exists, but is in fact flourishing. Making high quality pop music is a difficult, costly and thankless area of the industry to work in but so many bands and labels are flying the flag and making what we do worthwhile!

Lastly, but by no means leastly [sic], the listeners! Without you guys we might as well not bother. We are so grateful to you all for tuning in so religiously each week, for your emails, messages and suggestions and for supporting the bands and labels that are doing so much good work!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this far! Hopefully we should have some news regarding our new home soon, but until such time: this is Cherry Bombs
signing off.

Love Russ, Paul & Jim

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Hi! Thanks so much for your support regarding our homeless radio show! We have a few fingers in a few pies and with a bit of luck we’ll soon have some positive news for you to post!
Have a great day!
Russ x

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