In search of a rock and roll fragment of my past

A couple of days ago I was watching a video that I had made in 1988 of a barbeque I had hosted for a bunch of my friends and the experience was not unlike watching an episode of “That ‘80s Show” (yes it was that bad). Once I got over the shock of the hairstyles and the flap shirts the thing that caught my attention was the music playing on the stereo that I had rigged up in the back yard of my parent’s house. Lots of Dire Straits, The Police, R.E.M. and other mid-80s favourites but one song was like a blast from the past as I have not heard it since. All I could remember was that the song was called Shayla (I think that’s how it is spelled), it was produced by Chris Kimsey (who produced the Rolling Stones’ classic album Some Girls) and it contained what is quite possibly the worst guitar solo in rock and roll history. I always liked the song and I vaguely remember that I had the 45 RPM single (remember those?) somewhere so I began the search for more clues. I physically checked my house and that of my parents but no luck. While pawing through old dusty records the name of the band did come to me though: The Dice. Perfect. Off to Google I go. Let me tell you right now that the combination of The Dice and Shayla in Google brings up a large selection of porno sites so my advice to all prospective parents is to not name their kid Shayla if at all possible. Believe it or not Google let me down. I cannot find anything about this band or song anywhere. Since I don’t do the file swapping thing I am currently stymied. This song has truly become an earworm and it’s driving me nuts. Anybody out there know anything about this band? What happened to them, who they were, etc? E-mail me and let me know. I am now off to my parents again for another troll down vinyl memory lane and then I’ll try the Audities list.