Indie Friendly Radio

I have just subscribed to a newsletter called Mega-Deals for Musician Lovers and despite the somewhat in your face name it is as they say "chock-a-bloc" full of helpful advice for indie musicians and I highly recommend it. The latest issue has some interesting resources for submitting your music to "indie-friendly" radio stations. The first place to start is the database called straight forward enough the Indie-Friendly Radio Database. This is an amazing global directory of radio stations that accept unsolicited indie music and it is put together with great thoroughness by Silver Plastic Records. An extremely impressive resource. The other option is the increasingly popular American satellite radio networks in XM and Sirius Radio. For XM Radio the show you would be interested in if you are an indie band is Radio Unsigned. The contact information for submitting your music is:

Radio Unsigned

c/o XM Satellite Radio

1500 Eckington Place NE

Washington, DC 20002

Please include the Unsigned Submission Form (,

a brief biography, along with your phone number, email address, and website address.

You can also drop your submission off at any Guitar Center Store.

Submission Policy:

Submissions must be CD-format. All submissions are non-returnable.

By submitting your music, you give consent to have your music played on Radio Unsigned.

Radio Unsigned, in its sole discretion, shall decide whether or not to play a song.

Please make a notation of the tracks you recommend for airplay.

If a submission is selected for airplay, Radio Unsigned will report all spins to ASCAP/SESAC/BMI and Sound Exchange. Artists who are members of these performing rights societies will be paid royalties.

Please, no phone calls or emails regarding the receipt and/or airplay of submissions.

If your music is selected for airplay, you will be contacted by Radio Unsigned.

For Sirius your contact information would be:

Sirius Satellite Radio

Attn: Music Programming Department

1221 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020