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Indie group want a change to Canadian Cancon rules

A group representing Canadian indie bands want the current Canadian content rules changed to encourage radio to play more indie bands and less Brian Adams, Celine Dion and Rush according to Group seeks changes to radio’s CanCon rules. Just for those of you who don’t understand the concept of CanCon, radio in Canada is mandated to play 35% Canadian content between 6:00 AM and midnight but whether it’s Shania Twain or the Telepathic Butterflies makes no difference. In the eyes of the rules they are both Canadian and therefore they both count towards a station’s Canadian quota. The group, Indie Pool thinks that songs should be weighted with indie bands like the Arcade Fire counting more towards filling this content quota than bands like BTO and Neil Young. If you’re going to mandate content (something I am personally not all together comfortable with) I think this is reasonable but instead of Celine Dion counting for “3/4 points” a radio station should actually be penalized for playing her records. That I would support whole heartedly!