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Indie Music gets a boost from’s new Personalized Music Sampler technology, with customized gig listings and Indie Music Charts!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launches Personalized Music Sampler with Gig Listings

Toronto, ON October 29, 2009 — has announced the launch of their new Personalized Music Sampler technology, bringing a custom sample of each week’s top indie songs, live concerts, and gig opportunities to members of their music community.

Users will find a customized music sampler, comprised of artists from their favourite genres each week. They will also see upcoming music events in their area from their favourite indie artists, Battle of the Bandsâ voting opportunities, as well as the most popular events among their friends. This will allow the music listeners at to stay on top of the very latest indie action from their favourite bands.

Bands on will gain the advantage of a personalized gig listing of upcoming opportunities in their area. Based on both their band’s genre and geographical location, the Artist Music Sampler will provide a new way for bands to find gigs, promote Battle of the Bands” voting, and gain exposure for their music.

The Personalized Music Sampler is available to any member of the Music Community, which is free to join. With this new, customized delivery format,’s technology aims to further help indie bands grow, help listeners to find and support new music, and help provide the music industry with the next wave of emerging artists.