Indie-Music Wants Your CBGB Stories!

(PRESS RELEASE) As the legendary CBGBs in New York closes its doors on September 30, the staff at wants to send off this influential indie venue in style by sharing your stories. Share your favorite punk rock moments with us and let other musicians and fans in on the secret to this eponymous club. Stories from the stage, favorite shows, bizarre exchanges and magical musical moments are all welcome! Personal photos may also be featured (just send us a JPEG or GIF).

While CBGB is set to reopen in Las Vegas in the future, this Bowery mainstay will most definitely be missed. Many independent artists have gotten a running start because of the belief Hilly and the gang have in the musicians of the world. Tell us what CBGB means to you! All submissions should be sent to and those received prior to August 25 may be published for the September 9 issue online at