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Indie News Beat for March 14th, 2005


March 14, 2004 Edition

* Cardinal Trait Releases Debut Album "You Already Know"

* Just Offshore Release 8-Track Self-Debut

* Latin Punk Band Seis Pistos To Play SXSW & Mambo Kings

* Inside The Music Business Launches Ebook

* The G-Man Supports "iPod Culture"

* CCIA Tells Supreme Court: Copyright Cartel Threatens Innovation 

* Moby Headlines The Seventh Annual Ultra Music Festival

* Launches Charity Album For Crisis In Dafar

* Showin’ Tell Sign A Production Deal With Jason Rubal Of Seventh Wave Studio

* CDT Calls For FTC Action Against Deceptive Download Sites

* 2nd Annual G.L.F. Music Business Conference

Cardinal Trait Releases Debut Album "You Already Know"

If someone told you there was this great new young band from out in the middle of Oklahoma that you should be listening to, what kind of music would you assume they were talking about? A bit of down-home country? Perhaps some foot-stomping rock and roll? Maybe even a combination of the two? Well, in the case of Cardinal Trait, the latter of these three possibilities would be correct. But that is where the predictability ends with this band, because although these guys might be blending two musical styles that have been around for ages, they somehow manage to put a unique spin on things and create something that is uniquely their own.

Singer and guitarist Aaron Vaughn, lead guitarist Mark Sullivan, and drummer Josh Vaughn put the creation of Cardinal Trait in motion when the three young men found themselves living together and joining forces to write songs in their spare time. The three of them were coming from unique backgrounds and bringing together a diverse batch of influences that included everything from rap to metal to country, but they were surprised to find that their musical collaborations were quite fruitful.

With its debut album, You Already Know, Cardinal Trait is off to a running start. Blending bits and pieces of pop, rock, and country, the band has created an album that is memorable and infectious from start to finish. These are the sort of songs that you only need to hear once before you find yourself humming along for the rest of the day. They really are that good. And when a young band is able to accomplish such a feat on its first attempt, you can’t help but wonder what it will be capable of in the future.


Just Offshore Release 8-Track Self-Debut

Whether or not you describe it as Progressive Electronic or Progressive Electronica, Ambient, or New Age Music, one thing is certain: the musical adventure upon which you are about to embark is rich with the ebb and flow of moods, emotions and attitudes that one expects of a truly satisfying and memorable trip. 

From the enticing opus, "Ocean Storm", to the frenetic bow of "24-7", the kaleidoscopic visions and imaginative scenery of a stimulating and exotic musical excursion are not out of reach on some far away island. They’re Just Offshore.

The 8-song release features a new version of House of The Rising Sun, originally made popular by The Animals. All music on the CD was written, arranged, produced and performed by Russ Mate and was recorded between March and July 2004 at MateMedia and mastered at Natural Sound, both located in Miami, Florida.

As one of the founding members of the seminal punk/metal excursion out of The Bronx known as Cold Sweat, Russ Mate established himself as a drummer during the early days of their run from 1981-1990. In 1992, Russ formed Machine Head — The Deep Purple Tribute. Also included in the original lineup was guitarist Guy Stevens, who would go on to record and perform with former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur in the Black Sabbath tribute group, Hand Of Doom. Machine Head performed many successful shows throughout New York City and New England. Following a number of personnel changes, Russ decided to move on.

In 1995, under the name, Mate, Russ released a single on the Power Voltage label called, "Blue Water", produced by Peter Goldbeck. That summer, Russ produced Neon Fire’s final single, the epic "Sir Wendell", in addition to providing the organ and piano tracks. It would be his production masterpiece for 1995 and, by the end of the year, his last effort for a while as a musician and performer, as he focused more on his other enterprises.

Today, Russ Mate is back on the scene and making music again as the creative force behind the innovative and increasingly popular Just Offshore.


Latin Punk Band Seis Pistos To Play SXSW & Mambo Kings

Seis Pistos is back in the US beginning their first US dates of 2005 at SXSW. The Latin Punk Band form Mexico "SEIS PISTOS" is schedule to play at the 2005 edition of SXSW Music Festival And Conference at Austin Texas at Mambo Kings on Friday 18 of March 2005.

After working with long time producer Mark Wolfson (Stone Temple Pilots, Ice-T, Talking Heads, etc) at Steve Vai’s recording studio The Mothership are back harder and louder than ever with new fresh songs and the same spice and flavor that made legendary music producer Kim Fowley say "I have heard the future of latin rock music: and that sound belongs to SEIS PISTOS, they truly are the latin Ramones for the 21st century rock marketplace."

After thousands of gigs all around their home town Chihuahua Mexico and most important cities of Mexico such as: DF, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Durango, Pachuca, Torreon, etc; and US cities like Dallas, El Paso, Las Cruces, Chicago and Toronto Canada two studio lps, one ep thru independent Mexican labels and music for local TV shows and short films, including the playing of their newest song "La Vida Facil" in the episode #310 of the Emmy awarded series "The Shield", SEIS PISTOS are back and their showcase is a must see event at 2005 SXSW, so don’t miss this opportunity to see this raising Latin Punk band.


Inside The Music Business Launches Ebook With Downloadable Mp3’s

Inside the Music Business, one of the first companies to develop ‘tools’ for success for aspiring musicians and executives, has released an electronic version of it’s acclaimed book 2 CD set, Inside the Music Business: The Power Players. The announcement was made today by company President Eric Kline.

‘With the technological tools at our disposal, I’m excited to be able to bring this information-packed book 2 Cd set in an electronic format to consumers as quickly and as economically as possible,’ said Kline.

The ‘Ebook’ and downloadable mp3s features 40 power-packed power-player interviews features Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Michael Bivins, DJ Kid Capri, Boyz II Men, along with execs from Radio, video and managers. You’ll also hear the AMAZING story of how MTVstarted from the legendary Les Garland. J.Prince takes you inside the Rap-A-Lot records story.


The G-Man Supports "iPod Culture" And Calls On Other Recording Artists To Do The Same

They call it iPod culture, personal music mixing, or DJ-for-a-day, and independent recording artist The G-Man is all for it. "There are clubs like Playlist in London where music lovers can bring in their iPods with a 15-minute mix of songs and hear them through a big sound system," G-Man notes. "I think it’s a great way for people to hear new music and hope more artists support it."

Jonny Rocket of, which runs Playlist, says that iPod culture "encourages a sense of diversity in the music-loving audience." Rocket thinks that this new format will help "propel music sales beyond anything ever seen before. And we really like the idea of harnessing a personal technology such as the iPod in a way that transforms it into a collective, social activity such as Playlist," Rocket adds.

G-Man agrees, saying "iPod culture is so good at letting music tracks bounce from listener to listener around the world. The other neat thing is that people choose songs in a wild kind of ‘shuffle’ format, leading to great juxtapositions of songs. There hasn’t been anything like it since the late Tom Donahue created underground radio in the sixties. If you look at Donahue’s playlists or hear airchecks from KMPX in San Francisco, you see some extraordinary musical transitions, and that’s what iPod culture is bringing back."


CCIA Tells Supreme Court: Copyright Cartel Threatens Innovation

Intellectual Property The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), as part of the High Tech Coalition, filed a friend-of-the-court brief today with the Supreme Court in the copyright case of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, LTD, in an effort to deny the entertainment industry veto power over the next generation of consumer and high-tech devices and services.

CCIA, in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Association and the Home Recording Rights Coalition, filed in support of full affirmance of the Betamax Doctrine. This doctrine of "capable of substantial non-infringing use" stands as the Magna Carta of the Digital Age and of the information technology industry.

CCIA’s President and CEO, Ed Black stressed that its members believe that "intellectual property protection is a vital component of the innovation process, but excessive protection can be as harmful as too little. Vigorous competition and interactive innovation, the keys to the success of all technology industries, require a well-balanced system."

As a trade association committed to representing the interests of the technology industry and its customers, CCIA has long promoted a balance between the dynamic flow of information necessary to support innovation and the protection of copyright. Manufacturers of technology products should not be under any obligation, whether legislative or judicial, to design their devices in any particular way.


Moby Headlines The Seventh Annual Ultra Music Festival

As the sun sets over downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park and the world’s best DJs continuously spin the best electronic music from 11 am ­ 12 am, Moby will headline the main stage at Ultra Music Festival 7 while introducing his new album ‘Hotel’. Ultra Music Festival 7 will serve as the official closing ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the Winter Music Festival on Saturday, March 26.

One of the most diverse musicians to make a name for himself in the last 15-years, Moby continues to push the boundaries and make music on his terms as he takes his fans on one of the most unique journeys with his legendary sounds. As the headlining performer at Ultra Music Festival 7, Moby will seize the stage with his live five-piece band for the first time in over two years. Celebrating the release of his latest album ‘Hotel’ on V2 records on March 22, Moby certainly continues his tradition of making beautifully eclectic records.

Moby will headline Ultra Music Festival 2005 as other great acts such as, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Crystal Method, Carl Cox, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Junkie XL, Pete Tong, Rabbit in the Moon, Timo Maas and numerous others command the stages throughout the Bayfront Park & Amphitheater.

Source: Launches Charity Album For Crisis In Dafar

UK online CD store Get Me Music has launched a new ‘world music’ CD entitled Child Alive with all profits being donated to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. The company has recently partnered with international development charity, Plan to raise funds for children who have been the innocent victims of war in Sudan.

The album consists of 18 original compositions by artists from all over the world each with an "anti- war" theme. The artists have donated these songs and have wavered their rights to any royalties.

Plan, founded in 1937, is a child-centered international humanitarian organisation helping children to realise their full potential. The money raised from the sale of the CD will be donated to help Plan’s work in Darfur, Sudan. The armed conflict in western Sudan has resulted in what has been described by the UN as "the worst humanitarian crisis of the century"…. At least 80,000 people have lost their lives so far. A further 1.6 million have fled to urban areas or are living in 129 refugee camps across Darfur, an area the size of France, and over the border in Chad.

"This is a really exciting project for us, the funds raised will help enable over 19,000 displaced children continue with a basic level of education in Northern Dafur. There is a desperate need for temporary classrooms, qualified teachers, textbooks and recreational materials and we’re really thankful to Getmemusic and the Child Alive CD for helping to make this possible," commented Ruth Baker, Corporate Marketing Officer.


Showin’ Tell, Hosts Of The Jagermeister Tuesday Original Music Party, Sign A Production Deal With Jason Rubal Of Seventh Wave Studio

Philadelphia’s Showin’ Tell has signed a production deal with producer Jason Rubal. The six song EP will be recorded at Seventh Wave Studio (Harrisburg, PA), MoonTree Studio (owned by Adam and Chad of the band "Live") and mastered in Ventura, CA by John Golden (Primus, Sonic Youth).

"I am very excited about this project", says Jason, "There is so much energy in this band that needs to come out on this record. People who know this band already are in for a surprise. Showin’ Tell is the next generation of rock".

The EP still untitled is due out in spring, 2005. Showin’ Tell is known for their support of the Philadelphia Music scene. They organized and host the Jagermeister Tuesday Original Party Night which is held weekly at Whiskey Dix, 421 N 7th Street Philadelphia. Showin’ Tell’s sound can be described as a more intense "No Doubt".


CDT Calls For FTC Action Against Deceptive Download Sites

In a complaint to be filed, the Center for Democracy & Technology called on the Federal Trade Commission to take action against websites deceptively claiming to offer "100% Legal" music and video downloads.

In the complaint, CDT names two sites‹ and‹that claim to offer legal downloads of music and videos in exchange for a subscription fee. In fact, the sites merely point users to free file-sharing software and provide instructions on its use to download unlicensed popular works. CDT’s complaint states that these offers are clearly deceptive and therefore a violation of federal law.

A third website,, agreed on Monday to remove claims to be "100% legal" from its website in response to a letter from CDT. A company called Active Publishing owns the site, along with several others that redirect users to the same location (e.g.,, CDT is reviewing the changes and awaiting a response on whether the changes will apply to all Active Publishing websites and advertising to determine whether to proceed with a complaint against the company.

"We want to see the marketplace for content flourish online," said CDT president Jerry Berman "In order to sustain businesses offering legal downloads, protect the free flow of information online, and avoid broader anti-piracy measures that could harm the Internet itself, we have to go after bad behavior like these deceptive offers."

CDT’s complaint explains how "users are led to believe that they are purchasing a license to download and use songs and movies‹much like they would on a licensed subscription service like Rhapsody or the new Napster. In fact, users are provided no such license, and if they follow the sites’ explicit invitations to download ‘movies still in theatres’ or music by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, they may face severe legal liability."


2nd Annual G.L.F. Music Business Conference

The Music Industry is one the fastest growing commercial industries in the country. Today’s artists need to be equipped with as many tools to help them succeed as possible. The Good L.U.C.K. Foundation, proudly presents that opportunity with the 2nd Annual MUSIC BUSINESS CONFERENCE.

This conference is regarded as the singular networking event in the music industry, attracting professionals from the entire country and from around the globe. With its high concentration of top artists, DJs and industry professionals and more.

Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers, entertainment attorneys, tour and road managers and many more.

Music Business Conference, held at Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort, June 29, 2005 ­ July 1,2005. Our theme this year: Dreamer Of Today ~ Music Moguls Of Tomorrow!!


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