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Intense Nick Brings Us Up To Date on Rock Out, An Incredible Night of Rock and Roll To Benefit Cancer Research

Rock Out Final Poster web(Ed’s Note: The Rock and Roll Report is as much about community as we are about rock and roll and when we see a worthwhile cause we jump in and support it 100%. Rock Out is just such a cause and we are proud to be associated with it. We will let our UK correspondent Intense Nick fill us in on the details.)

As of today (26/10/09) it is eighteen days until Rock Out has its first gig at the Cheese and Grain Hall in Frome, Somerset UK on Friday the 13th of November this year. I must admit to being anxious and a bit nervous about the whole thing. So much has gone into it since December/January 2008/9 when I had the dream which inspired the whole thing alongside so much inspiration from bands and friends of mine on various networking sites. However I am confident that this project will be a great success and achieve its goal to raise funds for Cancer Research UK while providing an additional promotional platform for so many brilliant and inspirational independent/unsigned bands and artists who I have befriended while networking and working here at as Intense Nick (UK Correspondent).

Full details and a great many ‘free’ downloads from many willing and supportive bandmates are available at the recently made Rock Out website,, do please take a look at this and enjoy the generosity of the bands. All that is asked is that you show appreciation by using the ‘Donate’ button on the ‘favour for a Favour’ page, but this is not essential, just highly useful and the best way to show appreciation for the involved bands generosity and to show support for the project. This set up is likely to change very soon to ramp up the incentive to donate.

The more support this project gets, the more likely it is to carry on, and genuinely and sincerely hope that it does, there are just so many great bands involved now, even if they are just awaiting patiently for the project to stage them.

Notable bands include the three who are to perform at Rock Out 1, I AM BODHi, Le Cul and Janey Summer, who is top of the bill. Also the Buffalo Kings who sadly had to withdraw from the first set due to other unavoidable commitments. Le Cul deserve a special mention as they are traveling all of way from Copenhagen to the west of England to play for the cause.

Other bands who deserve a big mention here are Johnfish Sparkle, who has offered to travel from Italy to perform for the cause, Anubis from the Midlands UK as do the Fores and Beyond Redemption. Four Year Beard, from New Jersey, has been so inspirational and generous.

I thank all the bands involved along with everybody who has helped to support and promote this event and its very worthy cause, Cancer Research UK. Rock Out is registered there,

Registration no. 400268521


Intense Nick (Nick Giles)

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Wooohooooo at Last it is count down in a major way ;o) You Rock Nick and proud to be apart of this worthy cause with you ….may all the Blessings come your way for Rock Out!!!!

hugs xox

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