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Intense Nick checks out Groovegrinder

Groovegrinder Groovegrinder are new friends to me and highly treasured. The day after this initial point of contact I found their new album in my post hole, ’The Daily Grind’. This is a great album containing nine top feel good funky rocking tunes. In the spring of 2007 Ross Cordrey and Jon Hoon formed a band with the intention of writing and performing high energy music that had its roots in blues but also takes a healthy swig from 70’s funk and british Rock. With the addition of Adam Porter (drums) and Philip David (bass) the line up was established and the result is Groovegrinder. A four piece Bristol based outfit whose perfectly crafted songs focus on a feel-good, foot tapping and hand clapping audience. Groovegrinder are here to tell you that for a couple of hours at least, you can lose yourself to the music and ‘stick it to the man’, I strongly recommend that you do.

The_Daily_GrindThe latest Groovegrinder album is available now and it is called The Daily Grind. I have been playing this an awful lot recently, usually several times a day and goes like this…. Track1 “Funky Bone” is a perfect opening track and introduction to their funkaliscious style of feel good rocking R & B which leaves you wanting much more, it is foottappingly feel good song that uplifts and seduces ending with a fun voice box manic giggle. Track 2 “One Hundred Miles” is a story of a man in despairing to be home, rolling along in fine Groovegrinder style once more and as in all of their tunes proving the quality of this band. Track 3 “Lazy Man” downs the tempo into a bluesy ballad that that foot a tappin’ while as on all the songs proving the quality of this band of musicians who work together so sweetly creating a sound so rich, joyful and addictively funky. Track 4 “Pocket Full of Stars” is yet another traditionally grooving R & B style feel good masterpiece with some excellent harmonica work from Jon complimenting his great vocals which top the perfectly rolling backbeat so beautifully laid down by Adam on the drums and Philip plying his collection of basses so well. Ross works the guitar sound so beautifully, all in the Groovegrinder sound is truly ‘alive’ with so much heart and soul. Track 5 “Once Bitten (Twice Shy)” has more of a bluesy feel, the song title tells this and it is a showcase for both Ross and Jon, Philip and Adam provide a rich, sweet treacle like tight & smooth backdrop to the whole Groovegrinder sound. Track 6 “No 3rd Degree” has an intro which is proof to what I have just written, Groovegrinder get back into the funky groove with this number, full of hard-hitting catchy choruses and Grooveriding rythyms. Track 7 “8pm in The Cadders” a seductively Smokey tune that rolls away so dreamily floating along on deep but funky bass rythyms laid down by Philip. Track 8 “Sweet Mama Sugar Cane” keeps the funky beat going strong and brings the tempo back up. As always there are some lovely licks from Ross on this number and Jon has a lot of fun here also, being accompanied by Ross so well on the vocals, as on all the tracks. Lastly, track 9 “Get Anther Round In” closes this fine collection of songs to perfection. Deeply R & B with Jon getting right into the swing with his harmonica and vocal style so finely tuned and worked. An R & B and blues laden masterpiece that completes the album leaving you wishing for more.

I was invited by Groovegrinder to accompany them to a gig of theirs in a venue at a local seaside resort, and gladly accepted the invitation.  Groovegrinder played a great couple of sets lasting the better part of two hours with a short cider and cigarette break in-between. During these two sets Groovegrinder played all the numbers from The Daily Grind along with some tunes from the forthcoming EP available in January 2010. One of these was a tune titled “Yo! You Right”, this is a kickin’and jumpin’ little number, one that really sets the pace going so well. I am looking forwards to its release excitedly. There were a few covers that suited their style and blended perfectly with the set being finely executed, the most notable was “Blackberry” originally by The Black Crowes.

Groovegrider_getting_some_funk_onIn a nutshell, Groovegrinder really are a great band playing a great set and keeping feel good  R & B and Rock’n’Roll alive in fine fashion while adding their own funky style.  They are keen to add more bookings as they just love to play live, you can contact them through Or Or Email