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Intense Nick Checks Out The Joe Public

I first came across The Joe Public almost 18 months ago, back then they were still growing into the admirable sound and dynamics which are so natural to them. I can say this as I have heard their style take shape during this time. The early demos had a truly imaginative aura about them and one of these was vocally very creative. The vocals on that particular track had to be recorded in the bathroom as there was nowhere else left in the house to do it. Now thats divine inspiration!

The Joe Public have been described as sounding like a cross between Brandon Boyd fronting King’s Of Leon & The Temper Trap jamming with Queens Of The Stone Age, and hailed as ‘one of the most promising young bands in the country’ by Matt Burrows of BBS Music, The Joe Public played Glastonbury Festival at just seventeen years of age, and now, two years later, have played over 250 shows across the UK.

Following a Summer signing to indie label ‘Saint Grace Music’, the band jumped into ‘Pat’ the van and embarked on a 15-date UK tour to promote the commercial release of their debut single Skin, recorded and produced to a very high standard at Saint Grace Music, and have been back in the studio since then.

The Joe Public have been ‘Introduced’ by Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music show, and with the Spring 2010 Tour already starting up, now is the time to catch The Joe Public live.

I have recently been fortunate enough to see them perform at Moles Club in Bath. A very pleasurable fortune it was indeed, as the set was top quality and thoroughly enjoyable, each and every band member performing to an exemplary standard, and all so natural. These guys play with true passion and devotion to their music. The Joe Public create a unparalled live atmosphere which is too good to miss out on.

You can check The Joe Public out at or

Click on this link for a free copy of ‘Solution’, thanks to The Joe Public.


I strongly reccomend that you do as this is another stunning example of their work, powerfully harmonic and a real gem, imaginatively glistening.

The three other tracks on this EP are of an equal standard, the title track ‘Skin’ is so catchy and punchy using some great guitar harmonics. ‘Take What’s Yours’ flows gloriously and just draws you in to its rythyms and harmonies. ‘Stumbling’ is a gentle giant of a tune, simply intoxicating in so many ways.

During the time in which I have been observing The Joe Public’s progress it is clear that working with Saint Grace Music has captured  the best in TJP and helped their versatile sound to shine out. And all without losing any of their character due to overworking and excessive polishing to it. I will go as far as to say that  The Joe Public are also bringing out the best in Saint Grace Music, it is a beautiful alliance.

Further proof of this is the new single, which has just been released, called ‘Take It Back’. This song has a little more rock to it than the previous tunes. Its driving rythymn sets your head nodding and foot tapping at minimum. Compelling it is, I find it to be one of those rare tunes that you could listen to all day long, boredom is not an option with this magnificent tune.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for The Joe Public, and if you are in the UK, then go and see them play while you can still catch their atmosphere in smaller venues.

Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll


You can find the Skin E.P. from The Joe Public by clicking on the cover below:

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