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In January 2007, after living for 5 years in London UK, a Frenchman named Londres returned back to his hometown Marseille with the idea of developing writing songs for a new project called RedLight,

Redlight gather all the influences of the music Londres loves going from electro through rock to hip hop. He started writing songs and Dapé, a great friend, came along to be a complete part of the writing and developing of RedLight. , a drummer called Guy also joined. Guy also used to write with Londres for Interstellar Wave Watchers. Guy also took a major part for the creation of the album.

This album ( at least, what I have heard from it ) is truly magnificent, fusing together so many varied and contrasting styles so perfectly. Track after track, Dapé, Guy and Londres managed to have what they thought would be a consistent album with songs that would be ever energetic, moody or atmospheric, and this they have certainly achieved this so well. After 7 months of writing, the album was mixed and mastered by Gérald Kuentz. The result is the debut album from RedLight ‘Crash System Control’. I would recommend this anybody with a taste for genre free mixed music. If you like both Pearl Jam and Beastie Boys then this is just for you, it can also be likened to so much more. Ozomatli/Offspring and Pink Floyd/Placebo and Motorhead/Morcheeba spring to mind. The list is endless there are so many styles utilized in the Redlight soundscape. The result is a superbly refreshing redirection of modern Rock which is contagious and also music which gets you moving you its many varied rhythms and beats. Check this out at,crash-system-control.html.

On the 13th of February a new EP is to be released called What’s Going On. This has five brilliant songs on it plus a sixth bonus track, and is being released through LMG Productions. The title track ‘What’s Going On’ opens the EP in a true lively style as the the lyrics describe the emotional dilemma’s of a true life crisis. The fusion of styles in this song all help to give it such a strong edge with the power of the Rock elements being accentuated with Hip Hop. The electro Dance/Trance elements add joy to a tune which may otherwise be a little too much on the dark side.

Track two, “NYC”, is just plain escapism expressed musically and so expertly crafted and performed, even if you have never had any interest in New York City during the playback and hearing of this you will wish to be there. This tune is infectious. ‘Little Demons and Creatures’ is next up and once again so beautifully expressive and creative, a truly magnificent piece straight from the heart, played with a truly emotive world style. ‘Lies’ follows, flowing cynically and slightly subversively through some of mans oldest and deepest fears. In true Redlight style though it ends leaving you with a positive feeling, very clever and accomplished writing once more. ‘Late Shot’ closes by fusing all of the elements of the first four tunes in a relatively short but very sweet song.

This EP may have ended but its not over yet as there is a exemplary bonus track called ‘Crash System Control’. This is a new version of the title song from Redlight‘s debut album and this is a benchmark in writing, performance and production. I have heard very few songs which carry this much passion and emotion while expressing our deepest, darkest feelings and leaves you feeling uplifted. This is a true masterpiece, as are all of Redlight,s songs that I have had the pleasure of hearing so far.

Here is my short but sweet interview with Londres (Laurent)..

iNick – can you tell us a little more about Interstellar Wave Watchers and the formation of Redlight with regards to the style fusion?

Laurent – IWW was the first music project I created with Guy (RedLight drummer) in 2002. It was a purely Rock driven project. Through the years, we wrote a lot of songs before creating RedLight in order to mix all the various style we love in music going from Blues through Electro or Rock to Hip Hop. RedLight was created in 2007 first by writing songs with Dapé and Guy. After a while, we realised we had enough material to record a LP. The Crash System Control was recorded at home and mixed at our sound engineer studio and then released on download platforms via Believe.

iNick – There is audibly a vast selection of musical influences guiding your work, could you name some of the more influential artists on your sound and explain why?

Laurent – Yes that’s a choice we made. We decided that we did not want to be stuck in a particular style and just wanted to experiment with every kind of music we love. As we re all in our early 30’s, we have listened to a lot of different music through the years giving us inspiration. I like to describe our music as Pink Floyd meeting with the Beastie Boys while having a drink with Pearl Jam to sum it up as there would be way too much artits to talk about. We try to put energy, groove, emotion and experimentation in our music, hoping to create a special RedLight sound.

iNick – What is the level of success that you are looking for, would you prefer to remain as a successful independent band or become a fully signed international stadium filler?

Laurent – I think we would just like to be able to live from our music, play as much show as possible and be able to write songs for as long as possible. Our goal is to write good songs, renew ourselves in our writing and play Live. We hope that people will enjoy what we do and give us the chance to do it for years to come. Talking about stadiums feels as far away from us as the moon is from Earth at the moment. Just a few lucky ones have been to the moon…

iNick – Could you tell us a little about your book release, judging by the lyrics of Redlight Laurent is a great writer…

Laurent – This book is a short novel written in one month at the end of 2006. It’s something I needed to do after an important break up (also inspiring most of Crash System Control songs). It’s very introspective and has been some king of healing process. I would love to write another book, I m pretty sure I will do soon. At the moment I m very focused on music but I keep writing in a corner of my mind.

iNick – What are Redlight plans for the future?

Laurent – Our new EP “What’s Going On?” will be out on 13th of February 2010. We hope we will have the chance to tour as much as possible to promote the EP and meet as much people as possible, visit a lot of new places. I think that we will go back in the studio after the summer in order to record our 2nd LP for which we already have more than 20 songs.

RedLight on first Deezer’s compilation

After signing for for numeric distribution and starting to create a buzz by being a myspace artist, presence on the homepage and having a lot of their songs on radio, rehearsals with Den’s (Raspigaous, Lo Cor de la Plana) on bass and Denis keyboards and machines started in order to put all those songs on live stage.

Redlight is is the experimental counterpart of IWW. Check for more details about the Rock Driven Project IWW.

Check the first book out from Laurent, “En attendant l’eclipse…” available on :


As a special bonus you can download the Redlight track “Rock Is Dead” courtesy of Redlight and The Rock and Roll Report!

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