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Intense Nick’s CD Review: “Wish” mini EP by Sarah Coburn

wish1Wish’ is a beautiful song for the festive season that was originally written some years ago and re-recorded recently due to requests from a close friend. It begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro to be joined by Sarah Co’burn’s smooth dulcet vocal tones. It is a song about losing someone close at this time of year, although somewhat reminiscent and melancholic but is heartfelt and caring. These are the two most important aspects of the season, and is put across so well in this acoustic format. Thanks not only go to Sarah Co’burn but also to ‘Broxy’, the founder of European Klassic Radio for requesting the re-recording of this song.

‘Abandoned’ is a new song which Sarah wrote after watching a documentary about the abandoned children in Mogilino, Bulgaria. The children in this institution were treated appallingly. It is another acoustic track with the guitar being provided by ex Anubis guitarist Andy Hart, who worked on the arrangements for all three tracks. Another truly
thoughtful and caring song, perfectly executed.

‘The Gift’ follows the pattern and format of the first two songs but is a little more quirky in its execution. Another thoughtful and caring song but this time it is about getting to know somebody in a new relationship. All three of these songs capture the imagination in truly thought provoking and passionate way.

A heavier version of ‘Abandoned’ will be on the new Anubis album called Waking The Dead, due to be released in March 2010. I cannot praise Sarah Co’burn enough for the writing of all three of these songs and also the Anubis team comprising of Andy Hart, Pete Williamson and Simon Lees. I guess that Kevin Bartlett (Anubis Drummer) was on tea
making duties!

The Wish mini EP is available either through the Anubian web pages