Introducing Scott Homewood to the Rock and Roll Report

resized-rockandrollreportlogo.jpgI am pleased to introduce Scott Homewood to the virtual pages of The Rock and Roll Report. With years of music journalism under his belt and work published in numerous online and print publications, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Report and I can’t be more excited hosting his first rate writing and I know you will enjoy Scott’s distinctive take on what rocks his world.

We kick off Scott’s contributions here with his review of two long lost gems by British psychedelic rockers Blossom Toes, a name you probably don’t know but after reading Scott’s piece, you will probably want to get.

With Scott joining regular contributors Matheson Kamin and Michael Goldsmith (the author of the weekly series Cover Stories), I am pretty stoked to see where this is all going and now is as good a time as any to begin the process of transforming The Rock and Roll Report into more of an online magazine and less of a blog. In the coming months get ready for yet another change in look for the Report with some new features and new voices that will make a visit to the Report a great way to discover amazing rock and roll you may not be aware of, whether it was created in 2008 or 1968.

As the podcast grows and matures (well mature might not be the best word!) and we start to incorporate more videos from the bands we write about and play, the Rock and Roll Report is finally becoming the site I hoped it would be. As I like to say on Rock and Roll Report Radio, grab a cold drink, a hot squeeze and turn the volume up to 11, this rock and roll ride is just getting warmed up!

Thanks for reading and listening!

Mark Boudreau
Head Ringmaster and Handyman